• God Ravages Japan with 8.9 Power

    March 11, 2011 7:29 am 1 comment

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    It is the most powerful earthquake that has hit Japan in over a century. Today Japan woke up to find God was angry with their nation, just moments after Japan announced that they would support dropping the dollar from the world’s standard, they were struck down.

    As you read this, 4 million Japanese wander around in the dark, the yellow light bulbs of their home ripped away from their hive nation’s energy. Japan is facing a nationwide blackout and it is due to the power of God.

    A 33 foot tidal wave looms on Japan’s shores and the aftermath of this earthquake is so strong, that the island of Hawaii will be struck with a tsunami as well.

    This is more proof that God is upset with Japan. Reverend Higgins warned that this time of suffering would start up this season and the prophesy is being fulfilled by this severe weather for Japan.

    Now that they suffer, let us pray for Japan. There are people there and there are lives reported as dead.

    Let us pray that these people are able to respond to this disaster and lives can be saved, but let’s also remember, that God’s wrath is great and those who do not stand with America will be struck down.

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