• God Topples 2,000 Foot Tower in Wisconsin, Knocks TV Broadcast Off Air

    March 23, 2011 3:52 am 3 comments
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  • You cannot spell Wisconsin without sin, so it should be no surprise to see God has these prophecy demon state targetted for his wrath.  As reported months ago, Wisconsin fell from God’s favor after state legislators voted to take away the right to profile minorities.

    This foolish legislative action angered God so much, he sacrified 200 prize cows at the Wisconsin state fair to show his anger.

    Even after all of this, the people of Wisconsin failed to say mercy.  They refused to turn back their law and let terrorists and black dangers to be profiled.  They are playing liberal highway and God is not happy about it.

    Due to the people of Wisconsin being hard-headed, especially in the liberal strip join town of Fairchild, God has flexed his power by taking down Wisconsin’s most popular tv channel:  WEAU Channel 13.  Their tower is now crippled and God is using symbolism.

    Last time, it was 200 cows.  This time, a 2,000 foot tower.  What will it be next time, unless you let us judge all your potential dangers as needed Wisconsin?

    200,000 cute bunny hoppers?  200,000 cars all piled and crashed on your freeways, that is if your backward liberal state even has that many cars.

    Maybe it will be 200,000 dollars stolen from you by Obama or 200,000 degrees when you all are cast into hell, when you fail to profile someone and they harm an innocent like expected!

    Whatever the case, no this is still God in the bullpen, warming up.  If you make him truly play ball, know he throws only strikes and when all is said and done, blessed St. Peter will say “Out!” when your name comes up on the roster and you will burn!


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