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    March 15, 2011 5:53 pm Comments Off
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  • America Is DoomedThere is a rift in the right wing leadership, causing the plane of the GOP to crash and burn the last week.  There are some people who think that disaster is plaguing Japan because of World War II or building evil robots.  Others are more logical, understanding the Earth’s plates do shift and the results of this can be earthquakes or tsunamis.

    Quote all the scripture you want, this is Japan’s time of need.  They need America to come over and help them settle down their nuclear reactors.  They need us to be ready to help any type of humanitarian relief effort they may request.  This is a time to extend a arm of brotherhood and not a betraying dagger of damnation.

    It is hurtful to hear people claim Japan is suffering wrath.  I do not agree and am proud to give support to godhatesjapan.com.   Tell your friends.  I’d send a link to Pastor Fred and his offspring, though I have a good feeling that many of them write for fine organizations like ChristWire, Hannity, Fox and whoever the Wilkow character is.  You numb necked right wingers, know that you are hated and we will continue to combat you at every turn.  Obama is a fine president, Miley Cyrus is not some secret demon implanted in America to drown boys in silicone mastubatory sins and you are all going to burn in hell if there is one.  One thing, thank you guys for supporting free speech because I sure as hell am going to do my best to combat your idiocy.

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