• Happy International Women’s Day Racism

    March 8, 2011 5:28 pm 79 comments
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  • I am the victim of racism. It seems some women’s are making fun of me on Twitters and I do not appreciate it. It is a hurtful thing.

    All through my life, I’ve been cast aside due to my racegender. I am a white man. In the South, people assumed my skinwas racist and did not love all people the same because I was from a small town.

    I have been called cracker barrel. I have been called a, “Red Neck” when my neck is not even an Indian tone. Then some people call me Waffle Houser, Pillsbury Thighs and Denny’s Dimple. These are all hurtful names and it goes against the lessons from good men like Civil Right’s leader Marcus Garvey , who wanted a better America for everyone.

    But in this Obama world where women get all the privilege, I am an outcast. I may be good on the outside, but in the hearts of America people see me as the black sheep. I am being prejudged not because the content of my character, but because the color of my skin and the Y of my genes.

    It is apparently international women’s day and women on Twitters are saying they hate me because God gave me the powers to lift a fridge. No woman has been able to do this and they are jealous, so have resorted to calling me nasty names. I am very hurt by all this and would just like to say “Stop It”. There is too much hate in this world to go and create more

    Sure, God may not give women the same ability as men. But that does not give you an excuse to be so mean. This is reverse racism and feminism gone wild meeting up in the wildest throes of ecstasy, and giving birth to the most evil of crimes against original man. Why is Satan determined to make you hate the origin of life?

    Ask yourself this question when you make fun of me. The Bible makes it clear Adam did not look much different than myself. And in him, God trusted to be the father of humanity. Adam had to tame all the animals, even the highly defiant woman. He had to tame her and even though Eve still cursed us all, he was able to make her give rise to children and start humanity.

    So that is our origins and when you hate me because my skin and and gender race, you just know you are hating your origins too. This goes for every person. So be blessed and remember, that through God anything is possible. My feat of strength was not just a show of overcoming physical obstacles, but also things like you nasty racist people who do not truly love and respect our Lord and Savior.


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