• Hillary Clinton Cries About Failed War Strategy in Libya

    March 28, 2011 7:09 pm 12 comments
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  •  -Secretary Hillary Clinton, Screeching Over Botched US/Nato/UN alliance responsibility in Libya.

    Hillary Clinton’s face was once again torn up in female hormonal rage, this time because everyone is laughing at her poor planning for the Libya war.

    What we have with Hillary Clinton is a rare opportunity to prove that women cannot handle all easy secretary jobs. Hillary Clinton is just the Secretary of State: her job is to make friends with our allies and send them friendly messages on the phone, Facebook and Twitter so they will do our will, at our command.

    The latest time we needed our allies is with Libya, because we want Europe to help destroy a dictator and claim a country in our name for a change. We want the world to help bring freedom to Libya. It is tough bringing peace and love to a country, because as we found in Iraq and Afghanistan not all people love our freedom.

    But as our dear President Bush let us know, we perservered and have had great success, especially in Afghanistan, just as you can see here, and here and here. And the children really love us.

    With such measured victory and success in winning the heart and trust of the most innocent, it is shocking that our allies are not clamoring to help bring this same type of freedom to Libya.

    We are winning hearts with smiles and laughs, we are winning hearts by letting the memories of a responsible US who honor and respect all civilians, freeing them from the oppressive hands of out of control terrorists with weapons of great power.

    And somehow, Obama and his secretary Hillary have ruined all of this.  The trust built up by Bush and finally being shared with us now, shows that Libya is best left in the hands of America and those that we lead. 

    The Arab world stands in her time of need.  They clamor for freedom and need America to bring it, just as we have done before.  Our allies still tremble in fear, worried about 9/11 and not of strong enough resolve to bring hope and a brighter tomorrow to all people.

    Why do they not stand proudly with America?  Do they know something we do not, at least the general populace?

    It really is tough to imagine why a nation could still hold such disdain for America, when we have done nothing but brought them grace and a chance for capitalistic greatness.  When all is said and done, however, just like Bush predicted, the world will want freedom.  Once you give someone a taste of it, they will become addicted and keep coming back for more.

    But unlike anything else, freedom should be eternal.  The taste should always be upon the tongue and heart.  We need to get a real man to be Secretary of State and a real man to be US president.  We do not need world support to bring freedom.  We need to be real and set realistic goals.  Crush dictators and win the heart of the people, by tossing out love and trust from our soaring wings of American democracy.

    Like a divine eagle that mounts upon the air of rightousness by the grace of God, America soars supreme and all look up to us a savior for mankind.  For these reasons, we must stand noble and soar to higher heights, mounting upward with wings just like an eagle.

    – But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew [their] strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; [and] they shall walk, and not faint. — Isaiah, 40:31

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