• I Breastfeed My Dad

    March 24, 2011 12:14 pm 14 comments
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    You want to see what the liberals have up their collective sleeves?

    Think about it. If they can make society accept that it is normal for a man to experience tightening growth in his satan scepter, and then dock it into a man’s filth spout, then they can make it seem reasonable that a man fornicated a monkey to create modern humans or even worse that lesbians are normal people.

    If we can have two men bumrushing each other’s backsides and then playing Mommy to adopted children, then why not just throw out all concepts of normalcy? Why not have a role reversal where the baby breastfeeds the parents. And who is to say Dad cannot be breastfed? He may have a taste for daughter’s milks too.

    This is where gay marriage leads, people. Fathers getting breastfeed and tasting of their daughter’s milksacks.

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