• I Can Only Imagine, When Bush Returns (mp3 single version iTunes)

    March 3, 2011 7:13 pm 44 comments
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  • The backstory to this song is actually interesting.  Years ago, President Bush promised that the people in the Middle East would one day cheer our name and beg for an American savior.  Many doubted, even I.  How could those of hate really ever love this nation?

    Former terrorists stand strong in the spirit of love, to overthrow Satan's forces of tyrannical oppression.  Bush has inspired them.  Can you image this day?And I look over the Middle East today, tears fill my eyes as I see the people have the spirit of revolution. In their souls, they hunger for freedom. President George W. Bush prophesied this would happen when we freed Iraq from Saddam’s terror grip. Now, the bells of freedom ring and just like in young America, the sandies too blow the liberating horn of independence.

    All emotion reached a pinnacle today when Libyan’s cried out “Bring Bush!  Make a no fly zone, bomb the planes!”  You can read all about it and there is one simple truth.  Libya is calling out for an American savior.

    Can you image it?  The people of terror are now calling out for President Bush.  They want him to shroud them in the glory of freedom and warming comfort.  I can only image when we get Obama out of office.  My heart in inspired and I have released a new single.

    I can only image, when Bush returns. Can you?


    Abe Goodman
    I Can Only Imagine, When Bush Returns (iTunes MP3 Version)
    Tears of BushSpring, 2011
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