• Insane Clown Posse Encourages Homo Behavior

    March 31, 2011 1:14 pm 188 comments

    Some pictures don't need a funny caption to be hilarious

    When you look at the picture to the right, you may think these are kids about to join in a Satanic ritual, maybe by sacrificing a cow or stabbing a baby. You wouldn’t be far from the truth, those are actually representatives of the fan base for the Insane Clown Posse, an urban rap group that encourages homosexuality by teaching young boys how to apply makeup.

    You may at first think they are mostly harmless, but a further look uncovers a group of thugs and hooligans who embrace their long criminal records and often fall under the ‘sex offender’ category. They wear makeup to cover their identities and use it as a code as to which homosexual activity they are willing to participate in. Plain black on white means they like to be sodomized. Anything with red in it signifies willingness to preform Felicio on a male or animal. The gay sexual innuendo of this ‘band’ goes much further than that.

    The ‘songs’ they preform are often nothing more than repressed homosexual fantasies. Let’s take a look at some of their lyrics:

    “My anus really needs to be filled up”

    This is from a song called “Slim Anus’. The title itself refers to a nickname they use for new members of their group, members who have yet to be sodomized. Once they have went through sodomization, they are allowed to call themselves ‘juggalos’.

    “If I was a Serial Killer
    I would drive a black van
    And I would ride around on college campus”

    From the song “If I was a Serial Killer”. This is in reference to a game played by both the Juggalos and the Slim Anus’s. They pull up to groups of kids and try to convince them to participate in anal sex. Once they agree, they become Juggalos and pass the molestation down to the next group of newbies. The black van is often used as a symbolism of Satan.

    “I’m jumping coconuts outta palm trees
    And we all in. I’m freeballing”

    This gem comes from “Juggalo Island”. “Jumping coconuts out of palm trees” is a clear reference to grabbing another man’s crotch. “Freeballing” means that he isn’t attached to any other fellow and can have sex without his boyfriend getting angry. When he says they are ‘all in’, it means he is looking for an orgy, not just a one on one experience.

    It seems the two ‘rappers’, ‘Violent Dope’ and ‘Shaggy 2 Jay’ like to mask their gay tendencies with useless bravado. By threatening the listener with false tales of gangster living, they discourage good Christians from calling them out on their behavior for fear of retaliation. No such fears here at Christwire, as we do not follow the liberal gun control agenda.

    Fostering the criminal lifestyle is one thing that will get you sent to Hell, but these guys take it further. By showing kids how to apply makeup and run around in groups of hooligans looking for more youth to rape violently, everyone behind this sick band has earned themselves a stop in the seventh level of Hades. Even, and especially, the fans.

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