• Is Feminist Angst Rooted in the Fact That Women Were Created for Man’s Pleasure?

    March 30, 2011 8:48 pm 61 comments
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  • As we have all learned as children, Man was created first and given dominion over the land. It was his duty to name the animals and farm the land. Later on, because he was bored, he was made to sleep and a rib was removed and it became a Woman to keep him company and become his helper. Woman then sinned and well it all went downhill from there.

    The fact that the man comes first in scripture, followed by beasts and fowls, and then finally by females has caused women’s blood to boil since day one.

    Rather than take the “saved the best for last” side, most feminists have only grown to hate men, God, and their own lives.

    Recently, a video was released of a girl tearing up a burger king. Many blamed this on her evolving as an African instead of being a created Caucasian. I do not share this view. I believe this female’s tribal anger was rooted in her latent jealousy that she was an afterthought in creation.

    This is not an isolated issue. Women have been increasingly trying to rebel for no other reason than to cause social chaos. Here are several examples of how they have been doing so.

    1) Working. By leaving the house for employment women are rebelling against traditional conservative roles. Abandoning the castle, they are no longer around to meet the motherly needs of their families. Not to mention their labor is often wasted as their productivity and pay are often far below the curve.
    Not Sexy

    2) Not having kids. This is the woman’s last resort and possible most extreme example. Denying the eggs inside her the opportunity to become healthy fantastic beings is a rebellious act.
    So nice
    3) Tattoos. By tattooing themselves a female is saying, I am applying my own branding to my body. I disavow my father and my husband. As if that weren’t bad enough tattoos lead females to make themselves grow disgusting bodily hair

    4 ) Voting. After winning the right for men suffer in 1920. Women have made a mess of this country. The war to end all wars gave way to the much bigger war. Had women not voted, WW2 would have been prevented.
    What a mess

    5) Lesbianism. Sure, taking two girls back to your hotel room while on spring break was good fun for us all in college. But todays lesbians aren’t just experimenting with physical pleasure. They hate men and intend to deny themselves forever to us. Not Fair

    6) Using the internets. In the old days, women would have to borrow the checkbook and head downtown to buy a new dress. Now, men everywhere are getting Nordstrom’s statements for online purchases of $350 pairs of William-Rast jeans and $700 shoes she might wear once. Women have no place on the internets. A woman using a computer is only trying to defraud your earning potential. Her time would be better spent clipping coupons from the Sunday circular.



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