• Is My Wife Hiding a Facebook Feedie Fetish?

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    One of the greatest pitfalls of marriage is that women tend to gain weight over time. Coupled with the fact that one’s wife may experience double weight gain of permanence after bearing a child, there is definite risk that many men will find themselves married to a woman much larger than who they first met.

    As established, a woman’s mind tends to wander into fields of perversion. While they are reading lustful romance novels and doing inappropriate things during long bath soaks, men tend be focused on more industrious tasks such as providing for family and repair of the home.

    Long standing facts aside, the newest troubling trend about married life is in regard to divorce statitics. America’s divorce rate now soars around 50%. While Facebook adultery is to blame for 1 out 5 divorces, there is a new secret perversion that your flabby wife may be hiding. A Feedie Fetish.

    “Feedie fetish” is a bizarre new form of pornography. Many of you men may take comfort in the fact that your wife is fat and sloppy from having kids and not watching her diet. You may think that just because she is not a fit figurine of pride at your side, you have nothing to worry about in terms of adultery. Wrong.

    Meet “Gaining Gabi”, a 530 pound “chubby chaser” or “feedie friend” pornstress who entertains millions of online clients per day. Her website, gaininggabi.com, has recently received international attention as one of the ‘hottest’ sites on the market.

    Within the site, Gabi and a slew of other plus-sized women tantalize men who desire their bodies. They are popularizing a field which is making a chubby wife an object of desire, as if it were the Middle Ages and fat is a sign of health and status.

    In the feedie fetish genre of lustful antics, women who are bigger tend to get more clients. Today when traveling through Wal-mart or grabbing a bite for lunch with ‘the girls’, your wife will be getting second looks from that young waiter who has a taste for lardish objects. It is troubling for women have low moral.

    Like a cat in heat, women will tend to eventually succumb to most sexual come-ons, especially the more vulnerable they feel. What women in society feel more vulnerable than the house-mom of thirty years of age, at least two kids nipping at her heels. No longer are her taut hips and firm abdominal wall a beacon for lost, wandering eyes. Instead, she feels she is big as a barn’s side and never targetted by anyone. But now, she may have some attention. You would be a fool to think your wife will not want to feel young and sexually charged again: she will succumb to temptation.

    How do you know if your wife is hiding a feddie fetish from you? It is simple.

    1. Does your wife have a sudden lack of concern over her personal size and significantly lower concern when attractive, fit women walk by and you look anywhere in their direction?

    Congratulations, your wife is a feedie. If you were able to hack her Yahoo or Gmail inbox, you would likely find countless email letters telling her ‘nice turkey spread’ or “I’ll sop you up this weekend”. What’s worse is that if your wife is not worried about her increasingly large waistlines, she has found a man or several men to stuff her when she’s “out” with the girls. You think it sounds drastic, but consider that 50% of marriages end due to adultery.

    With sites like Facebook and Gaininggabi integrating, the market is now out and your wife will find social networks who will encourage her large body and entice it by telling her she is sexy. It will feed her female lust for the excitement of luring men, and for perverts, they will get their jollies from the adultery aspect.

    2. Does your wife spend obscene amounts of time online, uploading pictures from the camera and using her Facebook and secret Reddit Gonewild Direct in all odd hours of the night?

    Rest assured that while you are hard at work, your beautiful Bessie is taking naughty pictures on your camera and then hurriedly uploading them for online chubby chasers to ogle. As Gabi put it, there are a surprising amount of men out there who find overweight women to be attractive. They will encourage them to gain more weight, which works in disadvantage to married men because women will naturally gain weight as they age.

    Do you see the danger of this market? Your wife is going to find growing numbers of ‘fans’ who encourage her to show off her naughty, fat bits and to gain some more pounds. Shopping for food will soon be the new late night lingerie for housewives across America.

    3. Is your fridge stocked with ample beer and assorted snacks, not purchased by yourself?

    One of the telling signs of a flabby gabby is revealed by looking inside the icebox. Do a quick survey? Are the yogurts and fresh produce replaced with hostess snack cakes and assorted chocolates? Does the pizza box preclude your ability to throw in deli cuts and juice for the kids?

    Your wife is stockpiling fat. The leading feedie is over 530 pounds and has numerous offers for sexual relations. A radio host recently stated her “belly was so big it looks like she has a heart shaped butt in the center” and it is true. Fat rolls are becoming the new anal fornication.

    Adultery was once the product of careful planning and guile, sensual weekends of hedonistic ecstasy filled in secret motels fulfilling an adrenaline fueled release of sweaty, tensed thighs and moans of deep seated passions of lust and desire. Now, while shopping at the mall or even out for family dinner, your wife could have an adultery run plan.

    She simply has to excuse herself for the restroom, lift her shirt to expose a belly and let her online don have his way within the heart shaped butt that tops the abdominal wall. Adultery in the secret nooks of a buffet, how delightful. When was the last time your family went out to eat? Your wife may have had more than just three helpings.

    4. Does your wife insist on squeezing into old, tight shirts and blouses? Husky jeans not on her desired menu? It is all in manbaiting taste.

    Does your wife wear shirts that allow her body to pudge in stay puffed displays of shame. She is not ashamed; she is advertising. If you catch her looking upon her body in a mirror, taking time to even reverse check herself it is a bad sign for your marriage. Women who are feedie fetish inclined will spend long hours in the mirror, perhaps deciding which rolls they will let their online fans come over to rub within while your are gone about your day.

    What is worse in all of this is that it is hard to detect. Big women do fornication on the outside. There is no risk of VD or pregancy: you cannot catch them that way. They can easily wash their skin of sinful residues within seconds and send their clients along their way. Within a matter of two minutes, your woman can expose her belly, let a sliding act take place and then wash it all away with a bar of dial. It may take longer to check your mailbox or take the dog for a quick walk.

    5. Long Hours at the gym with no weight loss?

    The most classic sign of a feedie fetish wife comes from her attempts at deception. Does your wife have a gym membership and consistently go to ‘exercise’ or ‘jazzercise’ with the girls? When she comes home, does it seem even more fat is bulging from her sweat pantsuit? Your wife is going to the gym to pick up on firm, young guys.

    These men want to tour your fat wife like she is an African safari that teems with raw explosions of primal fornication. Fit people tend to couple; but a fat woman is an unknown taste, the odd chocolate in the box of common of nougat. There is an increasing desire for women long seated in marriage and culture is encouraging young college boys to take a bite of them. They are calling this fetish a ‘caging the tubby tigress.” It is not a game; it is the stuff that will destroy your 20-year marriage.

    Beware the signs and realize that women like Gaining Gabi are the new hot. Men will tune into these women and lust for them, but find themselves rejected. On our radio interview, Gaining Gabi revealed she has not had intercourse for seven years. Many men have offered, but she claims to make them wait. She knows she has a strong market and men lusting for her.

    Your wife, however, may look the same. Or she is working her way to such an end. And she is not internationally known. She is bored, at home. She is depressed and wanting to know she is still ‘desired’. This new outlet will tempt the worst of her to come out and if your wife is chubby, beware, because she’s probably meowing in some man’s cage as you read.

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