• Is Obama’s New Style of Warmongering Good for America?

    March 22, 2011 9:26 pm 6 comments

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    Jerry Cohen

    After refusing to attack his Muslim blood brother despite Gaddafi’s genocidal rampage, Barack Hussein Obama finally had his hand forced to action when the worldwide coalition, the cowards who were too afraid to ravage Iraq with President Bush, demanded the US please do something and they would help attack Libya.

    In a bizarre and unprecedented move, the warloving Obama — who is now fighting three foreign wars (Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya) — moved unilaterally to attack Libya.  Without ties to our allies, America is acting.  Obama unleashed our warships and missiles, but then, did something even more bizarre.

    “President Obama told us that America would lead the first assaults to weaken the army, but then turn everything over to us,” said a shocked French President Sarkozy.

    Barack Obama is a wildcard.  At first, it seems his plan may have been logical.  Our economy is hurting and recovering from Pelosi’s liberal spendmonger Congress.  They were weak, wasteful people with no appetite for fiscal conservatism.  They are the people who bankrupt America and even failed to adequately supply the good people in Israel, another unprecedented move of great offense to normalcy.

    But, hey, maybe Obama was onto something here.  We wait for our allies and make them put their money where their mouth is.  It is a common habit of Europe to play armchair captain.  They sit comfortably at home, while America rains freedom down upon a dictator:  Sheise Kaiser Vilhelm, Hitler, Mussolini, Hussein, Stalin, Gorbachev, Milosevic and a writhing clutch of hispanic third world dictators.  The list is expansive and America has fixed the wrongs of the British, the monsters who used to rule the world in red-coated tyranny, many times, to no thanks and only criticism.

    It is time for other nations to step to the plate, and maybe Obama was one to something by not attacking Gaddafi from the get-go.  Wrong.

    Obama does not care for UN leadership.  He’s a crafty man and understands how our foreign allies work:  they are all talk and no game. 

    Obama still acted unilaterally after ‘waiting’ for our allies to make UN resolutions and write diatribes about why they wanted to join in this new war.  Then, when Obama said, “yeah, America will take point, but only for a day” all of our allies are crying and saying they don’t want to play war anymore.

    Obama seeks to break impasse...
    Allies in disarray...
    No one wants to run war...
    French PM: 'We are not at war'...

     What was really going on here is simple.  Obama was trying to buy Gaddafi more time.  Obama’s middle name is Hussein and that alone implies his ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Saddam Hussein dared to put out threats on the beautiful Bush twins and even our blessed former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.  How can we oust one Hussein, then let another one in.

    If you look deep enough into it, you’ll see Obama’s ties to the Arab community are blood thick, and as the saying goes, blood is thicker than water.  We’re all water under the bridge to Obama and the road he has planned for America is one of Shariah Law and oppression.  Just look at what Gaddafi is doing to the Libyan people:  that’s what Obama wants in America.

    Third world people cannot resist absolute rule.  Look at our forefathers.  They hated the regal pomp homosexuality of British royalty, yet, they hated Indian savages and by proxy all other third world savages by their very nature.  They understood the need for a new, pure nation built on the back of primal power from the East and perfected with strong mastery of work, reason and logic.  We needed a new Western nation, one that followed a Judeo edict in way of life and protection.

    Obama is not cut from the same cloth as men like George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan.  Obama is a paper-man, a boy whose morals are thin as kleenex, as he keeps a loose mask because he masquerades as something he’s not.  Obama pretends to be champions for black people:  wrong.  Gaddafi also pretended to be champion of the Libyan black people.  Look where that has lead.

    Obama pretends to be a nice Democrat.  Wrong, the Democrats would be the first in Obama’s gulag.  The man has no loyalty, but to terror and the Sauds.  We’d just as soon see Al jazeera covering all White House press and golden domes being placed on the White House rotunda, if Obama had his way.

    This is not a war Obama has declared on Libya:  it is a means to look like he’s taking control, when in reality, he’s making our allies back down because they are too scared to take lead.  He will then wait until everyone forgets and leave all our arms for Gaddafi.  Do you really think a US plane randomly crashed today?

    No, it was Obama, giving Gaddafi’s men a secret look at America’s warplanes.  This way, they can reverse engineer and also know what they are up against.  Obama is a tricky character and even though his new form of warmongering, where they US states from the beginning it will not be sticking around may seem good on fiscal paper, it is just a power play to buy the Muslims more time to retake their tyrannical control from the sons of burgeoning democracy.

    The world is ready for change.  Just like when America overthrew British rule, the words and actions of US President George W. Bush have inspired humanity.  People want some of the freedom Iraq had under Bush to come to the front again.  They want to be free people and we need a strong president, so our brave sons and daughters can give it to them.



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