• Is The US Military Out Of Control (poll included)?

    March 28, 2011 7:41 pm 36 comments

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    My Dearest Comrads:

    I bring your attetnion to our hard earned money and what/who it is funding: The corrupt soldiers in the middle east. They aren’t even ordered to kill most of these people. We shouldn’t allow this to happen, so, I will say this: Think twice about what your funding.

    War cannot be descibed as nothing more than atrocious and hideous to those of us here at home. And, for those of you who are war seekers here at home or in our current war setting in the middle east, you can simply ask for nothing more than a straight trip to satan himself. War is a terrible tool used only by those who seek power and wish for corruption.

    In what way does war solve anything? Who can answer this for me? When has war ever helped anyone? It doesn’t accomplish anything because it is a fool’s way of surrendering to his brainless ways; brainless and lazy. War is for the weak in the mind. Strategy is for those of us who can think for ourselves and plan a brief attack. One cannot think for themselves so, they result in fighting and thrashing about like the filthy brainless pigs they truly are!

    To our so-called leaders of our country, take control of your military! Do you realize that they are killing at will?! Seize them of this crime! (Killing without orders is murder and murder equals crime!) They aren’t accomplishing anything! They are simply make-believing they are in their silly war games on the X-Box and whatnot and are killing at will with no commands to do so! Not only are they killing at will, but they are killing innocent children who have nothing to do with this pointless and money-guggling war! TAKE SOME RESPONSIBLILITY AND CONTROL YOUR MILITARY!!!!

    I am not shocked that these so-called “men” (and by my standards are far from being men) are using trickery to kill children simply by throwing candy in the streets and then shooting them! Is that what you want to fund? Do you want to fund the killing of innocent children who don’t even want this war?! THINK ABOUT IT! You are funding the murders of thousands if not more women and children everyday! How does it make you feel to be responsible for that kind of action? Guilty? Sad? Well, it should! You should all be guilty by all and every means simply be recognizing this action I am pointing out to you! Especially you military wives! How dare you marry such monsters! How does it make you feel when you know your husbands are murdering children, for God sake!? What if someone murdered your children or child! You would freak out and probably go seek justice, right? Well How do think they feel over there? If you don’t feel any remorse whatso ever, I hate to tell you this but, you need serious therapy!

    I bring your attention to you family members who have brothers or fathers in the military. You should feel ashamed of what they’re doing out there to those women and children! When they call you from over there the next time, just hang up on them! When they ask why in a letter or e-mail, tell them they are murderers and leave it at that! Question them! Do what you need to get the point across through their thick brainless skulls.

    With all of that being said, comrads, I leave you to think about your military family and/or spouses and what they’re doing! I hope some of this made some sense to you. If it didn’t ask God to send you some intelligence or intellect the next time you pray.

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