• Japanese Tsunami Reaches Crescent City, California, 1 Dies and 5 to Sea in Heartbreaking Tragedy

    March 12, 2011 5:58 am 8 comments
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  • Tragedy in Crescent City, California, after five people were swept out to sea in the aftermath of a coastal tsunami following Japan’s horrific 8.9 earthquake tragedy.

    The small fishing town was inundated by 8 foot waves that crashed upon the shore, eventually reaching far enough to drag people to sea and cause damage to coastal structures and boats.

    Of people swept to sea, four are reported as rescued and one is presumed to be dead.

    This tragic news comes on the heels of Japan’s earthquake, where a complete death toll is not immediately available and damage to property will reach well into the millions of dollars. Adding personalized grief to a already sad situation, Japan is also now reportedly hearing ‘explosions’ at a nuclear power plant and one of the island nation’s great figures, the creator of Pokemon, is reported as dead. Pokemon released Black and White this week, a sinful game with evolution agenda written on its cover.

    Japan is in a state of international need for prayer support, as well as America’s coast which stands in need of prayers, financial resources and volunteer power to attend to all affected by this furious wrath of nature.

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