• Justin Bieber and Slipknot Release Psychosomatic Baby

    March 27, 2011 5:55 pm 13 comments

    A Satanic emo band named Slipknot and R & B singer Justin Bieber have teamed up to do a duet named Psychosomatic Baby.  This song is very disturbing and showing how gangster rappers are recruiting suburban youths (e.g., Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black) and then combining them with Satanic artists.  Bieber first associated himself with the Los Angeles Crisps, a black militant power street gang that danger men like Malcolm X and the Enema Man belong to, a black rights advocate and a gang rapper, respectively.

    Now he’s cosorting with an even more dangerous group:  Slipknot.  Slipknot is a Satanic band with homosexual members who do snake fornication on the stage.  They use live animals and wear masks, as the audiences throw massive drug bong fests while jackholing each other in gay glee. 

    It is all gross and musty, and you almost hate to think what these Slipknot clowns did to Justin Bieber after they got him ‘high’ off their addictive drug smoke.


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