• Kids Who Are Bullied Lack Social Skills, Christian Teachings

    March 14, 2011 7:20 pm 66 comments
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    Much has been in the news lately about children getting picked on at school and various other places. It has all been blamed upon innocent children, while the parents, who are really at fault, have so far escaped all ire.

    The facts are simple: kids who are bullied are more than likely raised in a liberal environment. Liberal teachings hurt children’s self image and in turn leaves them open to some friendly chiding from others of their same age group. The sensitivity they are taught makes the whole thing dramatic. This could be forgiven if it weren’t for the fact that they are now being taught how to be tattletails.

    When I was in school, the rule was ‘Silence is Golden’. If Little Johnny roughed you up behind the bleachers, you took your lumps and didn’t tell. It was all innocent fun. Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek, not turn to the principle.


    Liberal Lies

    All the ballyhoo started when the above video made its rounds in the cyber world. It clearly shows the fat one picking on a smaller kid and when the kid stands up for himself, the fat kid slams him to the ground and then tells the teacher. The same teacher who watched the whole thing. Not surprisingly, most of the liberal Internet has taken the side of the fat kid who did the sinning and not the smaller one who was simply acting as children do.

    Liberals have been taught to coddle kids with their bleeding heart agenda. The same thing could be said for Europe. Conservative families teach toughness instead. The same thing could be said for America.

    I believe this video is a fake, put out by the Obama administration so they can outrage voters and push their liberal agendas on our school system. The same way Hitler set his own building on fire to gain power in Nazi Germany. As a matter of fact, Obama is trying to push through legislation as we speak. Coincidence?

    No. And that’s why you read Christwire. Because our investigative journalism brings you the real story, not some yarn spun by liberals and atheists.

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