• Lancome Emma Watson Struts Her Ample Demon Legs

    March 18, 2011 8:00 am 11 comments

    • In this sinshot, Emma is using the arched heel’s technique to make boys become stiff with sin.  She is wearing a hooker’s shoe to make it so that her thighs and back arches at a cat in heat’s angle, making her touty toosh all out and it is nasty.  You can then see she is wearing frilly panties and it is causing her thigh muscle to slightly clench, and then it makes a boy’s mind be distracted from good and dwell in wickedness!  It is a witchcraft spell and Harry Potter magic.  Then she is trying to confuse everyone with her magic hat, looking like a boy with her short hair so boys will feel confused twangles in their pants whenever they see a boy or girl with exposed thighs.  Gay agenda.
    • Notice that like a gay, she is wearing salmon pink and it’s like a gay’s favorite pasttime, swimming upstream in any man they meet and can trick into bending over in front of them with exposed panties like Emma.  She is wearing a gay’s blazer and taking an aggressive male stance, yet looking feminine.  She is trying to confuse all lookers on the concept of gender and you can see she is smug smiling about it. 
    • Lancome must be the British word for ‘gay pornography’ because all I see her is a magical transgenic witch exposing her flesh trap.  Look at those long, smooth legs walking in the gritty street scene.  This is all advanced camera work to use ugly surroundings to make Emma Watson seem more tantalizing.  The picture photographer producer wants us to think, “Mmm, I sure would like me a swig of that woman man and to taste her sweaty milk twiddles” thinking that she has all parts like a nasty hermi.  The only type of hermi going on here is the crabs you will get in the salad if you catch my drift if you going around like that, short skirt sitting on diseased neighborhood inner city seats because that’s how most girls catch them.  Look at that bag under her right hand:  the blue and red is the detox symbol.  It means danger slut and all items should be burned. 
    •  You can tell she is really wild in this one.  First, her purple finger nails scream hooker time.  Then, in that bag she probably has all types of sexual torture devices like whips and blow hard cream.  Then that right thigh of her bulges with firmness and yet looks soft, a trick of the camera to make everyone feel it and then get enticed to follow the pulsating highway to fornication.  It is a trick of Satan and only ends in a musty dead end of babies, bills and death!  Boys, do not let this advanced harlot propaganda tempt you.
    •  Here we see she does mouth sex acts with the camera.
    • Now we have a Russian spy.  We is it that Russian spy women always get a boy’s haircut, then walk with whore clothes on that shows off their womanhood.  It makes no sense and she is even wearing black now and is showing she can ‘hack’ into anyone morals and she will do anything to find the codes to lead men into sin. 
    • She is teasing with her short skirt and dangling vagine sally promises.  It is all sick and let us continue to protest Harry Potter and his little harem of whorem spell chanters.
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