• Lesbian Chinese Scientists Create Artificial Sperm

    March 24, 2011 10:59 am 8 comments

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    Human egg surrounded by sperm

    In the image above, you witness genetic abomination.  Somehow in China, lesbian scientists have harnassed the power of a man’s homunculi spermazoid.  Even though the Chinese are infatuated with creating a clone army to wipe us out, it is not the focus of the story today.  Even more dangerous to us than Chinese nuclear death clone armies with firebreathing robots is one thing:  gays.

    For every one gay, four children are dallied and doohickeyed in the doody poodies.  It is sick and the only way this can be mor danger is that Chinese gay lesbians are involved!

    They are unravelling the seed of life.  At the heart of every man’s homonculi swimmers, is what they call, the spermazoid, or the sperm for short.  When a man inserts into a woman’s secret place, the homoculi is a child version who is nourished by the woman’s milk and eggs of ovaries.  Then, after the 64 cell blastomere stage, a miracle!  The sperm dicated if the child will be male or female.

    If a female, the sperm will just shrivel up a disappear and the homonculi will turn into a woman like its mother. If a male, it will just keep its normal, complete form and not be a diminished female.  Then, the sperm will cause a Y Chromome to appear!  A miracle and a true male path is born.

    Now China has used this knowledge and America’s map of the human genome to artificially create spermatazoid without the homunculi.  They have committed abortion in the worst degree.

    In the image above, you can see a Chinese woman’s egg is being bombarded by 100s if not 1000s of pure swimming sperms.  They look like little tadpoles because the human part has just been removed:  just like a virus of deadly nature, only the Chinese genetic core remains and a flagella swimmer is attached to deliver the DNA bomb into the egg.

    No telling how many litters of Chinese children will get into that egg and be born!  7, 13, 20, 666.  It don’t matter because it is evil and abomination!

    The Chinese have imported Yokoshama scientists to speed up the production and then ship these sperms out to lesbians.  Now China has solved a problem that still plagues America.

    Lesbians are worthless.  They are women who fail to give society new children and only spread disease of thought and body.  They are a drain to our society but not in China!  Now, they can just dally some Chinese spermazoid on jelly and rub it on their defilator, then when having lesbian teriyaki orgy night with Asian sautes that will be implanted and give us more Chinese to deal with by the litter.  China is now so powerful that their lesbians can have children; they no longer have need for men to reproduce, but to only fight in their armies.

    The scientists behind Nature magazine were dismayed when giving the report.  How did the Chinese advance so quickly in the field of genetics?   While it remains unclear if the Chinese DNA sacks are compatible with our American women’s eggstores, let’s not wait to find out.

    We must take worry and think about a nuclear option for China.  We must at least wipe out the laboratories where they are making this, because at this rate China will have an army of 10 billion and can just form a human bridge when they come over to invade us.  Let us nuke China and also set their lesbians back a step or two.  Gays will do anything to get their way, even if it means playing God.

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