• Lindsay Lohan Wears Skimpy Dress to Court, Tries to Finagle Judge with Milksacks

    March 12, 2011 5:35 pm Comments Off
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  • Lindsay Lohan is back on the radar again, this time for measuring 9.3 on the whoredevil scale. Lohan faces charges for driving while drunk, taking drugs, running over a baby carriage while driving drunk and many other charges that would have landed a normal non-celebrity citizen in jail with big sand paper tongued lesbians.

    It’s a fate worse than carpet burns and that’s exactly what Lindsay Lohan has long deserved. For too long she’s managed to wiggle her way off the hook, using money and headlines to make judges shy away from giving her a true punishment.

    Now we see she’s trying enticement tactics. In the following images you will see what Lohan wore to court. It’s reported that during the proceedings, several times Lindsay simulated mouth sex acts and one time even lifted her skirt so her sally could be seen dangling a bit.

  • Lindsay Lohan is seen with naughty knits hugging her thight muscles, as she bounces in a tight dress into the courts of law.  This exposure is meant to tempt a judge to dive into her milky smooth cocaine crevice and then vote her innocent in the deepest throes of crack laced influence and desire.

  • Lindsay Lohan wears a leather dress that exposes her flappy udders, when in reality the weather was so hot this choice was not appropriate.  She was wanting the judge to think about refreshing milk and the smell of good leather, then unwrapping her as she writhed in sweaty ecstasy and pulsing harder each time the judge says innocent.  This is how a crack addict’s seeker mind works.  They will sell their body to get free and then go out to do bad things again and again

  • She had the dress carefully seemed so it would hug her thights and give the lawyers a good backview of her glutal treats.  She’s letting them know that if they don’t press charges, they can then rest their case into her backcase and press and charge all they want.  What a nasty girl and it’s no surprise she used to were gay intestinal ferret Mickey Mouse ears because those Disney kids are all turning out to be a debaucherous lesbian catlick milkbowl vagine lot.  It is sick and I am angry, hopefully they lock this wild child up and throw away the key.

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