• More Proof of Why Genders Should Be Segregated in Schools

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    It is my personal view and fact, that women have no place in the American education system.  Ever since the 1920s, women have been a painful thorn in the American man’s side.  The downfall of America’s education system all started with Susan B. Anthony, the mother of modern feminism and destroyer of the American spirit.

    This Anthony woman used to hold anti-man rallies and coked up on the intoxicating ethers of feminism, would loudly bellow and convince others that women could do everything a man could do:  build railroads, be scientists and fight in the army and even be a Father in a family.  It is these very obscene thoughts that gave rise to things like Affirmative Action, Neofeminism, Gay Marriage and teenage pregnancy.   The fact that Susan B. Anthony was not immediately silenced is still being seen in effect today, because our economy is in shambles and our schools are failing.

    Liberal feminists and homosexual men who support them will balk, stamping around and saying it is wrong to compare woman’s rights legislation and history to a crack addicts midnight ponderings.  To them you say, if that’s the case why did America have to suffer people like Carrie Nation.

    Carrie Nation, a standard feminist

    Carrie Nation is the colonel lieutenant of modern feminism. With hatchet in hand and Bible in the other, Nation threatened to castrate men who would not vote for the very feminist legislation that's now crippling America.

    Carrie Nation was a cold, mean woman.  Historical details of this feminist show she stood at over 6″1′ tall and  always had a 5 o’clock shadow.  She was a big legged woman and had no soul.  She weighed in at 175 pounds on a light day, then to top it all off her bulging sun-browned arms were always brandishing a hatchet. 

    This is a portrait of the modern feminist:  gruff, misinterpreting the Bible and Constitution and will do anything in their power to get their way.  Nation carried a hatchet in her right hand, as shown in the image.  She always threatened to castrate and bludgeon men who did not agree with her and hid behind the chivalrous notion that it was not right to hit a woman, but then would spring out and violently butcher the manhood of males when they least expected it.

    When it was time for owning up, like a true woman of today’s time, she’d once again retreat and hide behind the female’s gentle bush of no touching.   It is a game other minorities play, so as not to be held accountable for their crimes.

    Nation was as much an alcoholic as a feminst.  She used a democrat’s drunken haze of policy to tie her true intents into other popular political happenings of the time.  Nation was a drunk and therefore supported alcohol orgies and bootlegging.  Nation also knew the black community would be clamoring for freedom, so like the gays are trying to do today, tied her selfish agenda in with the African desire for freedom.

    Taken aback by early feminist’s unprecedented strong armed tactics, men of the early 20th century failed to take control of the movement.  They gave feminists leeway and let them take loose behind the steering wheel.  It is common knowledge that when you give women an inch, they will take a mile.  And then before you know it, they will naturally keep driving in the wrong direction and everyone will be lost.  And that’s where we are today.

    There has not been enough done to put women back in their place.  Despite Nation’s interpretation of the Bible, women do have a set role in society.  Look at a woman; her body is made to carry babies.  Even on the inside, there is a womb so a baby can grow within.  Like any other mammalian animal, a woman has been given the capacity to feed and nurture and these things are best done within the home. 

    But what we find today, is that society is following the stern stone cold will of Anthony and Nation.  We are allowing girls to enroll in coed public schools with boys.  Why is there such high incidence of teenage pregnancy?  It is because girls are flouncing around with pants that say Juicy and Dirty on the butt sides and then tempting boys with raunchy stretches and bared midriffs in high school gym class.

     Even when girls attend a state-school or reach the higher echelons of education through most likely Affirmative Action requirements, we see they are plying young men with alcohol and then tempting young men into fatherhood by vajazzling themselves in the raunchiest of  manners.

    Facebook being used to corrupt young men, by feminism

    Facebook sexting is a dangerous new trend, where girls take pictures of themselves and then upload them to Facebook mobile. They then use these pictures to entice boys from school to "friend" them, where they will use Pokes and secret messages to assail them with innuendo laced conversation and more pictures until the young man is tempted into meeting up and forced to copulate in a confuzed frenzy of tossed sheets and comic book heroes.

    Even outside the school house, young women are showing a lack of morals.  Each and every day, millions of girls sign onto Facebook and stalk the young men she desires to bed.  She will tempt him with lewd images of herself in underwear, using memories from childhood cartoons to confuse the boy’s mind and lead him into father-making bedroom antics.

    By 2023, over 82% of America’s children will fall behind the global curve for academic achievement.  Over 50% of our children may fail at core curriculum and in lower grades, be held back or fail to pass competency requirements.  This is not just because Democrat policy has bankrupt our nation of money and potential; it is because a long-standing social policy of gender mixing in schools has lead to an uncomfortable, sexually charged environment where innocence is lost and oral reports take on a entirely new meaning. 

     It is a very frustrating think for parents to think about, but we must realize the problem and realize that we have allowed this problem to continue in our nation.

    The more girls mix with boys in school, the lower morals will become over time.  It once used to be taboo for young men and women to touch one another at a school dance, but now these young women are wearing no panties under thigh hugging skirts and having young men gyrate all up into them, likely creating the 48% of children that fill up the bellies of high school girls in America.

    This is the price of feminism.  Our girls are running around pregnant, still able to go into college and work because the Feminist-Centered government gives free tax-money grants to mothers with children.

    Underaged fathers are being plagued and harassed by child-support attorneys and forced to work two junkyard Mexican jobs that pay salaries that would even furrow an illegal’s brow like an offended royals.  It is a sad state in America and the strongest of students, gifted young men, are being replaced by Affirmative Action, grant-seeking women with three kids in the classroom.  Those who should be focused on motherhood are leading our academic charage, where now 60% of people in college are women and the remaining 40%  are young men not trapped into fatherhood.

    The results:  an American education system that is failing.  Sure, things like drug use, lack of prayer and urban gun violence being bused into proper suburban districts are also bringing a fall to our schools, but before anything it is feminism that has invaded our assured stronghouse in training the future leaders of America.

    No matter what hatchets feminists are wielding and obscene Anthony inspire tune comes flopping from their bearded faces, know one thing.  Men and women are not created equal.  It is simple fact.

    Men tend to be stronger then women.  Under pressure, men tend to keep a better head and have more control.  One week out of the month, women are wild and feisty as a hormnal teenage Lindsay Lohan with a Peruvian drug Lord shoveling power down her nostrils.  It is wild and crazy and that’s exactly how you can describe the logic, or more accurately dislogic, behind today’s modern Politically Correct schema.

    Are these the faces of young girls you want your boy to play with at school or in the back of the bus?

    The answer from reasonable parents will be a resounding “No.” These are the faces of America’s future, the faces that are model harbringers of America’s ultimate destruction and doom. Our bright future is clouded with the natural perversion that’s tied up in feminism and resultant rudderless boats of lesbianism and prostitution. It is all one in the same: the object of desire is self-gratification and no care for what really holds America together: a strong nuclear family.

    The further our society goes in letting women fill their fickle desires with whatever they want, the further men will be marginalized. The more proper men are from achieving their true status and purpose in life, the faster America falls into league with all the lesser nations on this planet.

    To save America, we must protect our most valuable asset: suburban young men. These are the men who are our doctors, our lawyers, our engineers and are most refined politicians. Investing in the safety and nourishment in these young men now, is assurance for a brighter tomorrow for all America.

    Look at this final example. A post taken from some young woman’s Facebook panel.

    Bad Idea, Worse Timing

    Even after going through school, we see young women do not understand the vital lessons from World War II. They understand not what Japan did to America and why the nation will face eternal wrath and scorn until they are truly repentant. This young woman may grow up to be the next Hillary Clinton or Rachel Maddow, heard by many and polluting the public discourse and internatinoal policy with their ignornatly flapping lips and uncrossed, hairy and uncouth feminist legs. It is the future of America; these women, and you can see they do not have the mind of a proper man.

    Anthony and Nation were greedy. If we allow an Anthony Nation, we will have one that revels in lesbianism and is no better off than the children of Israel, dancing before the Golden Calfs of iniquity and not realizing that God’s ultimate wrath is brewing. God can pick a new favorite nation, and unless we protect his sons we will see ourself being replaced as the most powerful, educated and able nation on this Earth. Like England and other nations before, we will become a forgotten nation of groveling weakness. We will become a forgotten empire, one stabbed in the back by the phallic jabs of brute feminism.

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