• More Proof Your Pet Cat is Violent, Blood Thirsty and Savage Nasty

    March 29, 2011 11:01 am 35 comments

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    Cats am a violent animal and aren’t as smart as a dog. They are primal and fierce, taking a chance to scratch your face in scraps and then irreversible cat pee doo on your furniture. Dogs are good; they are gentle and friendly, a true companion who will wait until the master is home and then take a walk.

    It shocks me to this very day that there are people who love cats. Loving a cat is like going to a New York sewer, drinking down the filth water in glee and then adopting a rat. It should leave you with an explosively sick feeling in your gut and will definitely lead you to a shorter life. Did you know that people who own cats, live 13 years shorter than those who own a dog?

    Even with all these facts, there is one thing rules all. Cats are violent. While most pets have a human quality, cats are coy and carnal. They are like Satan, constantly strutting around and aloof, only taking time to use you for their own pleasure. The only difference between a cat and a Obama welfcare ghetto mom is the genus and species, because they all act the same. If you don’t want to take care of an Obama momma, then why are you people supporting cats?

    In the following image gallery, I provide irrefutable proof that cats are blood thirsty, savage little sprites, and that dogs are far better for the house and soul.

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    These two cats are supposed to be brother and sister, yet look at them going for the kill punch.  It is black and white crime and these cats are showing racism against each other.  Cats are so evil, they are racist.  I bet the black one tried to steal some food or water from the white one, then you can see is trying to use its bigger muscles to overpower her.

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    Another picture where we see the cats with a black skin is being violent.  While that aspect is not surprising, you can see this is family murder festivities on a grassy knoll.  How sad to see all this violent and it only gets worser.

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    In cats you can see melanin is also a contributing factor to violence.  In this image, an African cat jumps to the attack.  You can see the green light of Satan shining from its mysteriously dark eye sockets.  It is a sign that this cat is possessed by Satan and the poor white cat is terrified.  The cat is going to scratch its face into scraps and then feed upon the carcass, then steal its bed in the corner. 

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    Even kittens are into violence.  Like a Chinese, you see these kittens can jump to amazing heights, leaping over trees with just one unnaturally demented jump of the leg.  Some biologists report a cat can jump even 6 feet high, a sure sign of Satan.  These babies are attacking with the skill of a Asian baby, showing that hate and evil is naturally bred straight to their heart.

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    Again, you can see black cats and white cats do not get along.  What a sad shame that even in the year 2011, cats are such a primitive animal they cannot see past the color of skin.  While a dog sees no difference in skin color, cats do and that’s why they get into these hate crime fights all the time.

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    Here, a red haired Jewish cat is being singled out by a black cat.  The black cat tries to punch out its eyes and a very shameful cheap shot.

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    These cats are so old they have lost all their hairfurs, but you can steal see they seethe with a fresh hatred.  Two black cats are ating the poor white one.  Hopefully the photographer threw them all into a bonfire and threw some Holy Water on afterward because you can see that one on the arm, is in a classic imp pose.

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    Another Jewish cat is being mugged by some mean yard alley cat.  This one is a elder black most likely, judging by its fur colors.  The red haired shindler cat is doing its best to defend itself but you can see it is truly a cat eat cat world.  The cat on top went on to win this fight and clean its paws of blood when it was done with its meal.  It is just like watching Safari on the CW Nature channel wit Pat.

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    You can see how Satan works in gangs and cats.  Here these feisty felines fight over a simple box that is not even theirs, just like gang rappers fight over streets where they once were not even allowed to walk or we’d toss them in jail.

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    Here a coot kittle uses arm and foot karate to take out its match.  They are fighting to play dominant and cats are the only creature where you find homosexuality.  The winner will likely take out its aggressive victory in homosexual ways uon the soft cotton blanket, just like what gays do in their club parties.

    • 19.

    Here we see a young cat being attacked and abducted by an elder cat.  For every one gay, four children get stolen and dillied.  I hate to even imagine the statistics for kittens being dallied by homosexual predators.

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