• Muslims Dare Disrespect President Obama, Trample His Effigy In Disgust

    March 26, 2011 8:23 am 3 comments
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    Now that President Barack Obama is doing his American duty and protecting the world from Muslim extremists like Muammar Qaddafi and Sultan Mubarack, we see the response from the Arab World.

    President Obama has finally realized what his predecessor President George W. Bush knew all along.  Muslims have a strong bloodlust and they will stab your back in a second.

    Obama is young.  He’s not seasoned or a maverick like McCain.  Obama really did feel there was hope for the Arabs and that he could reason with them.  In his inaugural address, Obama extended the olive branches of hope and freedom to Iran, Egypt, Libya and other associated evil countries.  He told them we could be friends and now, we see they trample his face underfoot.

    President Obama now leads the world against our enemies.  Sure, Obama is going about everything the wrong way and should have immediately wiped Qaddafi out.  But it is better late than never.  Obama is finally learning:  we must destroy Muslim dictators to free Arab people.

    Arab Muslims are the product of mental slavery.  Their minds are controlled by fear and oppression.  They only know a false god theocracy and not God’s true Democracy.  That is why their countries fail.

    But this week, we rain bombs upon Tripoli.  Qaddafi’s perm will go up in flames, just like Michael Jackon’s on the Pepsi commercial. The only exception is he’ll never say hehe again, because even someone he thought was his good Muslim brother is finally taking a good stance.

    Sri Lankan Muslims burn an effigy of U.S. President ...

    Here we see Muslim terrorists burning a full effigy of Obama.  They are letting us know that they will kill all Americans if they get a chance.  Notice how they are hypocrites, as they wear our shirts and pants, even shoes, but still try to act like they do not need us.  Even the signs they create and the buildings they make are created under a Western style.  They are jealous of our country and our freedom.  The best cure for their jealousy is a 10,000 lb bomb class that’s dropped in clusters, again and again.  Let’s see how many effigies burn then.

    Sri Lankan Muslims beat an effigy of U.S. President ...

    Here we see that normal, everyday people are terrorists.  A favorite argument of Democrats in denial is that terrorists are extremists.  Terrorists are not extremists, but rather a different species of Vietcong Charlies.  One second you could see an old lady crossing the street, but the next moment she has a tommy gun out with one tattooed arm and as she sprays bullets in your car, she’s circling an exposed nipple ring with her pointer finger and taking a full out joy in the moment.

    If that happens to you, don’t brake.  You’ll find that dog by the hydrant was actually a proxy IED.  You think this is all outlandish, but go review stories from ‘Nam.  You try to say that none of these men are terrorists and then go to this street with an American flag shirt, a can of beer and tell these Muslims that you are from a real country and they better say sorry for 9/11.  I can guarantee they will yell and probably strip you and flog you in savage fury, then put you on a terror tape and demand money while they hold granny’s AK-47 to your head.

    A rebel stands guard as anti-government protesters ...

    Here, a terrorist just finished burning a copy of the US Constitution.  Terrorists fantasize of the day when they can impose Shariah law in America and freely march in our streets.  Look at them clamor and rally for Qaddafi.

    Be scared, America.  The word terrorist alone means something scary and horrible.  It means you will be terrified, cold sweating under a blanket and wishing you were free from scariness!  But your heart will race and you will find no relief, for now hour is safe if you live in a land of Arab terror.

    Keep them there.  That was President Bush’s wisdom.  Fight them there, so they can’t come here.  Tell them to stay out our country.

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