• NCAA Bracket Update: God is #Winning

    March 25, 2011 11:32 am 27 comments
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  • Before the NCAA tournament brackets were even announced chrisTwire predicted the results.

    Congrats to Arizona

    As predicted, unholy schools like Harvard and Washington State University did not make the tournament. They were relegated to the “we are playing for 69th place” NIT.

    First round updates:
    Red state school Texas defeated Gay Area Oakland 85-81
    Florida Beat UCSB Gauchos 79-51

    Second Round Updates:
    God, recognizing illegal immigration policies are forefront on his mind, allowed Arizona to upset Texas in a close battle of Red States.
    Notre Dame was routed by Florida State, as predicted here before the tournament was announced.
    Butler, widely known to be one of the least diverse universities in the nation, upset #1 and diverse Pitt.

    round Updates:
    The powerful SDSU Toreros Were Defeated as were the heavily favored Duke Devils.
    Butler continued to show gods fury against the state of Wisconsin .
    BYU was eliminated as its players turned to sexual sin. All of these results were predicted here before the tournament was even announced.

    Still going strong…… Arizona, North Carolina, Kentucky and Kansas. Or as we call them gods four. Are alive and well asp predicted by rule number four

    4 Do: Pick schools from Holy red states: Schools like Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina, Arizona are constantly competitive thanks to their states voting records. If you vote for God, he votes for you!

    So in recap Gods Bracket has scored 777 points compared to Obama’s 666 points
    Whose your daddy now?

    The linked to tournament in our predictor article was shut down because of its illegal gambling nature.

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