• Next Stop For Freedom – Syria

    March 24, 2011 8:33 pm 2 comments

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    Freedom is now spreading to Syria.  In the early aughts, a great man came to the White House.


    His name was Mr. George W. Bush. 



    In 2003, our Blessed President George W. Bush gave unto the world the Freedom Agenda.  In this agenda, President Bush made a prophesy:


    – If we can establish Democracy in just one Middle Eastern nation, it will spread in dominoe effect to the other nations —


    Liberals laughed.  The Jewish Jon Steward made jokes while Stephen Colbert responded in his inherent African sassy tones.  CNN and MSBNC mocked the president.  Democrats said it was impossible.  But they forgot one thing:  President Bush is a man of God.  God whispered the truth in Presiden tBush’s ears.


    The Holy Spirit blessed our True President with a gut-faith instinct, that has brought a new era of Democratic Rebolution to the Middle East.


    Revolution is sweeping through they Arab world.


    Egypt –



    Libya and Tunisia

    You’ve seen the images all week.  The power of these rebolutions inspire the heart and shut the mouth of even Charlie Sheen.


    Now, Syria, the Hollywood-San Francisco Sodom of the Middle East will be next to fall.



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