• Obama Gives Everyone a Fistbump

    March 15, 2011 9:55 pm 9 comments

    Within the black communities and neighborhoods, there are ‘signs’ and ‘dances’ that are done to denote various things.  In the streets of Los Angeles, the very dangerous and notorious street gang teh LA Crisps do what is known as the C-walk.  In this dance, they do their feet like a drunk Daffy Duck and then make them shaped like a V while doing the Charleston.  It actually looks pretty neat but means something horrible.

    They then arrange their hands in Star Trek Vulcan shapes and say West Side.  This is to denote the side of the country where most of their smoke weed gangs can be found.

    What’s horrible is that all of this is being brought to the White House.  Obama is continuing the East/West coast rap violence that culminated in the Biggie Pac and Tupac gang wars of the late 90s.  Both of these gang rappers where killed and is is all tragic and very scary for people from normal neighborhoods. 

    Obama is bringing his black power gang signs to the White House as we can see in these following images.  It is more proof why we must get him out of our White House.

    White House Custodial Worker. But it doesn’t stop there! He’s keeping it going by fist-bumping everyone from kids, soldiers, and custodial workers to the White House Chief of Staff. You could be next!” rel:buzz_name=”Obama Fist Bumps Everybody”>

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