• Perez Hilton, Selena Gomez Have Ginger Blue Tongue Affair Behind Justin Bieber’s Back

    March 29, 2011 10:27 am 5 comments

    Selena Gomez seems to be cheating on Justin Bieber with closet straight normal Perez Hilton. Perez Hilton tries to act like he’s a Habanero hottie, when in reality he’s just another Democrat silver daddy in the making. His tactic is apparently using the “friendly, bubbly pink cotton candy pajama time” gay friend, but when the lights go out he’ll happily mount a sally in sin.

    This is a very common technique in Hollywood. Guys will play the gay friend, then the second the boyfriend thinks they aren’t a threat and trust their girlfriends with them, the gay best friend will reveal their erected sin and start the affair ritual. Here we see Justin Bieber is the latest victim. The young, native gang rapper should have had warning signs go off in his head when he saw his girlfriend was dressed like Smurfette.

    In this image, you see Perez Hilton trying to disguise himself in a generic Will Ferrel prop wig.  Will Ferrel is a ‘comedian’ who likes to steal jokes and then release movies where he plays an out of place character in a novice niche area of interest, then act like it’s not the same plot over and over again. 

    And as bad as those plots may be, what we have in this image is even worse on the eyes and ears.  Hilton is in horrible disguise and to his left, you see Smurfette.  Smurfette was a prostitute on 80s gay agenda cartoon the Smurgs, which tried to teach children Jimmy Carter communism was a good thing and Reaganomics was evil.  It then had a homosexual community of blueberry muffins and one whore leg spreader named Smurfette, to make sure girls had lesbian urges too.  We see the tie in here as Perez Hilton and Gomez have a night of poopy squat samba skatastico.   Do not even ask what that means because it is allegedly one of the favorite fecal fornication moves of the gay agenda and she’s wearing a short skirt and even worse a flower hippie tatoo.

    This can only mean Hollyhood hooha magic mint and doohicky icing treat on the twiddle rompus took place at the requisite liberal party orgies they have in Californa.  It’s all addictive and deadly, and even though his heart will heart when reading this tragedy at last Justin Bieber can at least have a brighter spot in his life and no aliens.  Say adios, Justin, the closet straight has unleashed his master dangle and you should have had some of your ganger friends looking out.

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