• Pictures of House Cats Using Hand Guns Against Their Owners

    March 29, 2011 1:56 pm 31 comments

    -Every 45 seconds, one unsuspecting cat owner is mowed down by Satan possessed paws of feline fury.

    Cats are viscious creatures that walk to the beat of Satan’s drum. Cat owners tend to be homosexual and get a requisite sassy attitude when confronted with this fact, though there is countless proof to the contrary.

    One of the most disturbing things about cats is that they are crafy and have a death kill predator instinct. How many of you cat owners out there have been shocked by your cat’s planning?

    A cat owner will tell stories of how the cat manages to open latch doors, exuding a mad whirlwind mix of complex geometry and sheer maliciousness to only eat a pet goldfish. Others will tell of how cats bait and taunt dogs, causing them frustration and ulcer-inducing stress.

    But there is one new trend many cat owners have tried to hide. Just like a black, cats have a natural love for hand guns. Liberals try to say guns kill people, well, I say cats kill people. Not always directly either, but if you have a gun in your house leave it anywhere near a cat, and you will find its heart filled with violence and lust for the weapon. Look upon this proof and warn your friends this is why they must rid themselves of cats.

    Look into the eyes of this evil kitty.  You can see its eyebrows furrow and green eyes possess by a demon’s violence.  It is even holding the gun improper like a black.  Could it be a possession, perhaps a notorious L.A. Crisp possesses this hell spawn and I wish I were there to show it a real shot gun.

    This cat is a regular Tony Montana.  Look at that snear and guess what?  It sees all of us loving people as cockaroaches as they call them in wappo Mussolini speak.  Looking around the house, you can tell the Spirit of Homosexuality also resides there making it even more evil.

    On the table, there is a pink and blue advertisement for Disney Gay Day parade.  Then, floral print on a table and a lesbian romance novel, a cup with fecal scented rose petals and finally, a bottle of gay lotion.  This cat wallows in the filth of homosexuality and instead of worrying about Mr. Gay Man shooting out seeds of fake XY, you have to worry about Freddy Mercury bullets ripping you from behind.

    This owner has even engraved PC for Pussy Cat on this gun.  People are teaching their cats to shoot guns.  He has his trigger paw ready to pull and kill.

    This cat screeches a warning to its owner and on the box, you can already see some blood is dripping in the foreground.  Is this the type of animals we want on Earth, shooting the hand that feeds them.  This is why cats must be wiped out and everyone who agrees with me needs to take a firm stand and just get rid of these sick beasts.

    Here a cat takes a homosexual pose with the gun.


    Here a black cat by no surprise takes a liking to a surrounding of guns.  It must be a universal skin trait.

    What other animal would be in a sniper’s pose in a big city window, holding a gun?

    A cat uses a classic gun to intimidate its owners. 

    Look at how this cat sleeps with its gun, just like a Viet Cong soldiers.  This is probably also a demon possession in a Siamese imp.

    You can see this cat is holding a mobile cellular phone in one hand, a gun in the other and then sitting with legs gapped on a couch.  This is clearly a black demon possession and it can only wish it could talk, so it could call up its old gang buddies.

    These eyes shine with an unnatural yellow, like the gaseous surface of Venus. 

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