• Pokémon Black and White: A Whiter Shade of Pale for Game Freak? Or RACISM?

    March 12, 2011 9:58 pm 65 comments

    The new game Pokermon Black and White from game developer, Game Freak, is focused on hijacking the souls of our youth with non-Chris† centered games of “pocket monsters”. If that isn’t enough to make a person need a prayer session, some of the games key concepts have fallen under heavy fire for supporting racism, elitism, and drugs.

    Black and White: It always comes down to racism for profit

    The game makers seek to draw upon the social divides of its consumer’s native lands. With sales in record numbers for Europe, America and Australia and a cascading market release, the yellow-centric yet diversity devoid game requires dual purchase of not one but two games for full radicalized satisfaction of demeaning and overpowering white “friends”. Profits are the source of domination and the executives of Prentendo are depending on racial divides in these countries to escalate sales.

    This marketing strategy is dependent on the discriminating round eyes of Europe to start the buzz in a hive mind of players that choose between white and whiter white characters. There are no black characters in Black and White, because blacks are not expected to be able to steal this game from stores according to some sources close the game.

    Several online discussions were investigated for this piece. The most poignant comment in defense of the indefensible racism in the Black and White game was “Look, I have this jar of dirt!” Many will try sophist, yet inadequate defenses of the game’s benefits to “friendship”. This is a stagnant water argument as the game’s purpose is to best or better “friends” through combat and ensures all those “friends” are white. Jesus doesn’t mention beating elites in the Bible, enough said.

    Yu, Mii and Wii

    The Wii system, whose name is derived from the popular Oui magazine of the 70’s, will not be used as a platform for Pokémon Black and White on other editions offered by Game Freak. The main reason for this overlook is the Wii Mii.

    Mii’s are available in wide varieties of ages, skin tones and genders. These cute little characters on parade are like a Canadian city square one might visit on vacation and enjoy many activities like skiing and tennis.

    According to one developer with the company, who wishes to be referred to as Yu, the reason for Game Freak management’s refusal to develop for the Wii is the platform’s support of diverse cultural and racial characters. Pokémon is a fantasy world where black people don’t exist and body hair is only for monsters. There is no room for diversity in this yellow tainted view of pretend where no one is physically mature or hairy.

    Romans 1:21 – Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

    Game Freak or Super Freak?

    Game Freak was founded in 1989. Rumors hint at the name as homage to master RPG’er Rick James whose hit song “Super Freak” was sampled by MC Hammer around the same time as the company’s filing for legal status. James, a notorious crack cocaine addict and funkadelic mack daddy did not promote any connections to the firm in his autobiography, The Confessions of Rick James: Memoirs of a Superfreak.

    The berries in Pokémon are clear reference to the influence of Rick James. In addition to being ingested for diverse properties, the occurrence in game play of berries is consistent with the $7,000 (usd) cocaine habit of the singer and a little known incident of alleged torture and abuse by James on a prostitute during a week-long cocaine binge.

    Berries will appear in the game, when one watering has occurred during growth under the logic of the following formula:


    • a is the maximum number of days a prostitute was allegedly held hostage by James
    • b is the minimum number of crack pipe burns reported
    • c is a number randomly chosen between a and b, inclusive
    • d is the number of sexual acts allegedly performed during the alleged kidnapping

    Racism and Radical Commerce at its Worst

    Clearly this game is on the subtle path of disenfranchising everyonebut the Japanese with blatant racial discrimination and virtual drug pandering for profit. Perhaps it is viewed as reparations for a war lost or pure spite for the Asian jealous love of cowboys and cattle drives. Whatever the reason, Christian parents and grandparents need to usurp the purchasing decisions of our young wards and stop the proliferation of this dangerous game.

    Activism in this area is off to a strong start. Several churches are devoting St. Patrick’s Day services to driving this snake from the heart and hearth of our homes. Gaming gift cards are being collected for burning and a free tshirts and Bibles are being offered for youngsters wishing to give up their games.

    Friendship and challenges are not satisfied or developed with electronic nanny nipples. They are nurtured and suckled in Real People Games where interaction is face to face and not just one color or creed.

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