• Pole Dancing For Jesus, A New Liberal Church Trend

    March 22, 2011 9:17 am 24 comments
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    Adam Nelson

    When some churches made the mistake of allowing gay people to think they are normal, with it came a problem: all sinners would think their lifestyle was fine and God would just smile down on them.

    Marriage cheaters now skip in, eyeing their new prey while thinking St. Peter is going to high five them and down a celebratory keg when they die, all angels gathered about talking about infidelity and how many ‘scores’ they made behind their wife or husband’s back.

    Thiefs will try to pick pocket Christ himself at offering time, because hey, God gave us all free will and it is fine to steal if you’re a diagnosed cleptomaniac. Should not addicted thieves have civil rights too?

    Then of course there are whorse. Gays are gross sex addicts, but there are still people who still outdo them in terms of perversion. Strippers. Strippers are no good drug seekers who have little to no morals, though usually sadly the result of abuse when young.

    Strippers now think they have a place in the church and are holding “Pole Dancing for Jesus” days at local churches. A black reporter naturally takes interest and brings the story.


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