• President Obama Threatens Gaddafi

    March 21, 2011 3:45 am Comments Off
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    United States President Barack Obama has issued yet another beautiful threat to Colonol Gaddafi, the scum who dares use military force against the civilians of Libya.

    With a stern look on his face, President Obama demanded Gaddafi call of his dogs and retreat from the Libyan rebel strongholds. Gaddafi has remained silent since the USA and our UN allies have taken action, mighty American warships circling Libya like great mythological sea sharks to the kill. From the skies, reign American tomahawk missles and UN coalition warplanes. We have already wiped out Gaddafi’s air defense and dare crop planes to take flight, or we will send them down in a glorious ash of smoldering rubble.

    Muammar Gaddif, America has now spoken. Our president, President Barack Hussein Obama, has declared that if you do not comply, you will “face the consequences”. Those consequences? Read your history, boy, and no we will shove a nuke right down your permed gullet and teach in history class how we made a dictator turn into a pile of Libyan sand!

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