• Proof We Must Immediately Attack Libya

    March 7, 2011 7:10 pm 5 comments
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    There it is.   Look at the price of that gas.  For far too long, we have let Colonel Gadaffi rule over the people of Libya.  Reagan warned us all; nuke Gadaffi.

    President Reagan smoked the soul-glow hair boy from his tents and brought peace to his terror family, yet, Gadaffi reigns.  Liberals cried and said this man could be trusted.

    But look how his messes up our Oil Futures by threatening to kill his people.  He is destroying investor confidence and his careless threats to oil fields is making God angry.  It makes us angry.

    Do you like spending $100 to just fill up your car?  Do you want your family to not have the money to ate some food and do you want America to became Mexico?


    There comes a time in history where we must think about ourselves, my fellow countrymen. Because of this we have no choice but to destroy Gadaffi and his merry men. We must make them become one with the sand.

    Gadaffi is evil. He was friends with Idi Amin, the Last King of Scotland. It is said those two monsters used to feast upon the flesh and blood of their enemies. This is why Reagan knew we had to wipe them out; they have no souls and no morals.

    Today, we must make Libya our own. We do this because we need the oil. Let’s be honest. We need that oil to be safe so we continue to thrive and be the protector of the world. The World needs a strong America and America is weak without its lifeblood. Oil.

    If we go ahead and put Gadaffi down, the people of Libya will be free and welcome us as saviors. The terror hordes will cower as we create a new protectorate in the Middle East. We can have a new settlement for all people to enjoy the open house of democracy, from people here in America and out settling friends in Israel. It is a new frontier of expansion and opportunity and we must seize it.

    It is either such things, or we empty our wallets at the gas pump. Let us choose the joy of having lower gas prices. It will make us all happier and bring a brighter tomorrow.

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