• Putin Unleashes Shake That Bear Dance

    March 9, 2011 2:11 am 2 comments

    Soviet Premier Vladmir Putin has unleashed a new dance called “Shake that Bear.”

    The dance is the lastest in a flurry of Putin’s communist propaganda antics to entice various segments of the US population that he is ‘cool’ and that Russia is not a danger to US national security.

    It was already revealed that Putin has used Deep Purple, Slade and even Led Zeppelin as inspiration.   Themes in those songs inspired many of Putin’s ideas for spreading neo-socialism via 1960s era American liberal minority causes such as drug use and free love.

    Putin realizes that temptation is a great tool in corrupting the hearts and mind of the weak.  He is tempting his population with drugs and nasty houses and seeks to bring that culture to America with Russian DVDs that feature rap music, anime and gross fornication.

    The newest DVD will be “Shake that Bear” and features a cartoonized Putin as a rapping hero, who overcomes various ‘crime’ with dance moves, redistributing wealth in a Robin Hood method and dolling everything up by accepting drug use and public exploits of genital nature.

    This is all patently Russian by its nasty attempts to subvert democracy by resorting to the worst of liberally Satanic traits.

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