• Rebecca Black Stuns With Horrible Sounds

    March 16, 2011 7:06 pm 7 comments
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  • For someone who looks like they have a genetic disorder in the intro of the video she does seem to know the days of the week very well and in the correct order!

    Miss Rebecca Black seems like a stereotypical girlie girl with daddy’s money and daddy’s car on the weekend. Though the video may seem otherwise. We all know Hollywood is full of  cruddy actors and actresses that cannot act. They just have a pretty face to look at and make dreamy yet, revolting fantasies for  children and teens from all over the world.

    Miss Black was obviously told that she could sing very nicely by someone who had heard her before and was damaged by hearing her utter words with overpronounciation, felt bad, and then felt sorry for her. They didn’t want her to do anything irrational like killing herself or heaven forbid turn Emo, so they told her without giving her too much encouragment that she sang pretty. After hearing such things she took it a little too far and asked daddy to get her a green screen set in the not-so-great Hollywood and thus became this video she made.

    The video itself is not obscene or has Emos in it, but is simply badly sung by a bad singer. This video does contain a part that doesn’t quite connect with the other parts of it. Towards the long awaited ending, a black fellow appears and starts rapping. He looks about 28 or so while Miss Black seems about 15. Something is just not right. 

    The girlfriends of Miss Black seem as though they are unable to dance. They’re stiff and unable to move freely as if chained to some of the bad singing and lack of actual talent provided by Miss Black.  

    I’ve come the final conclusion that: Miss Black cannot sing nor act. Her friends are just like Barbie, stiff and seem to be made of plastic. And poor Miss Black will never fend for herself because she has no talent and will have to rely on daddy for everything until her dying days.


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