• Red, Yellow, Black and White

    March 11, 2011 9:37 am 20 comments

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    And equality for all
    Is every person on Earth truly born equal?
    This question has long been answered by the people, which shows that God has love for all people whether they be black, Asian, Mexican toned or normal. All are precious before the Lord, so it is hurtful to see all the racist problems in the world.
    Perhaps the biggest source of racism in the world are liberal laws. Affirmative action. What good does it serve?
    Is it really fair to give people jobs based partially on their gender or skin color? Will this not keep up an idea that minorities need ‘a boost’ to achieve the same as normal folks?
    Then what about last month, when America was suffered to celebrate Black History Month?
    How is this not racist? Why not a month for every other race. There are the things that start racism.
    Obama was hailed as the first black president. Why was so much emphasis given to this, instead of his lack of experience and flimsy policy on international affairs and domestic issues.
    America is on the brink of failure because society at large could not resist the feel-good moment of electing a ‘black president’.
    It is a cliche worthy of the worst 90s feel good after school special.
    All people are equal. Until we start ignoring the diffences on the outside, we will never get to fully know and appreciate what everyone has on the inside.

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