• Scientists Create World’s First Openly Gay Horsie Pony

    March 25, 2011 7:34 pm 9 comments

    When I told everyone about the gay pink dolphins, I thought that would be the end of the line.  I fantasized about the day I could take my shot gun down to that river and shoot them all!  Not because I hate animals, but because I wanted to put them out of their misery.

    There is not joy in life for homosexuals.  They are not normal and it is wrong to make an animals suffer.  They do not have the means to fix themselves, so sometimes we must use a little, ancient Chinese acupuncture gunpowder medicine to fix these gay beasts.  Well, friends, today I have more bad news.  It seems the homosexual scientists are bent in more ways than one!  They are bent on creating more gay animals and they have now used their Satanic gene scripting to create a gay horsie poney with short legs and faggy eyes!

    Cute: Standing only 20 inches high hasn't stopped Einstein becoming quite a celebrity with appearances on Oprah and across the U.S.

    Look it at prance its front left homo hoof.  It holds it up like a British lady little swagger finger at tea time dandy happiness.  This level of flamboyance of homosexuality makes Freddie Mercury look colder than Pluto.  They have named this beast “Einstein” and we all know Einstein was a gay.  Here is the proof!

    Now for you liberal Jewish media mongers out there, don’t try to deny my words!  You will try to twist this story and say a photograph shopped this picture.  Well if that was the case, why is there another picture of this pony littler than a dog.  Just like when they created the gay blue homosexual ducks, they are using the LITTLR gene coding region to make this pony of tiny size and a gay’s favorite treat, a tiny pony hole so they can play unicorn twiddle rompus fecal fornicating magic!

    Best of friends: Einstein stands alongside Hannah, a St. Bernard he has become buddies with. He also plays with his owner's dog Lilly

    Now one way you can always tell a gay is by looking at their head shape.  Gays have awkwardly shaped heads that are readily distinguishable.  Here are the two textbook varieties you’ll find they fall into:

    Aggressive Stork Face

    Like a birth stork of the skies, this brand of gay is marked by distinct head features.  They have a big mouth gullet, as to hold a fish or a man’s unholy caviare and then you can see like Freddie Mercury, they have lustful lips thay they mush all around when using their accent.  This is a mating call to other gays and by the head shape like a stork, they know this one tends to be very flamboyant, spreading its wings, and dominant.  And usually a big chin mouth from all their oral sins.

    Galloping Gazelle Face

    Andy Dick’s name sounds gay all alone, but when you get a good gander at this thin faced gazelle, you now the deal.  It’s Bambi.  This type of gay has a very thin deer like face and loves to be hunted by aggressives.  Aggressives is the  homosexual community word they use to call the dominant ones who get to take the first turn when they take turns dallying each other.  Aggressor goes first and then the gazelle faces go second when the aggressor is spent.  God sees it all and dials in to hell to reserve their safari rooms on hell’s gay preserves.

    You would think that a horse would have more of the gazelle face, but you can see it is actually a Freddy Mercury stork face horse.  That means it is aggressive and nasty in nature, even though this little fagoteer mouse horse stands at only 20 centimeters (about 8 inches in American).   That is tinier than a classic homosexual’s obligatory soccer ball.

    Having a ball: Einstein is even smaller than a football but that doesn't stop him using his nose to push the ball around

    So we have a tiny horse that’s been created by homosexual British scientists.  The horse prances around all day, being petted by children who are being told that just like Freddie Mercury, this horse had made a life choice to be bucking stallion.  Instead of giving out rides, just like a gay he likes the children to take him for a ride.  Do you not see the symbolism?

    What’s even worse in all this is that they gave this horse a boyfriend.  Did you hear about this?  The scientists involved are seeing if this little Aggressive would try to mount a horse named Playboy.  It is his penmate and they named it “Playboy”.

    Little and large: Einstein's stallion friend Playboy towers over him as the pair meet up at home in New Hampshire

    What’s even sicker is that they nuzzle and mouth muzzle kiss each other with tongues.

    Little and large: Regular-sized stallion Playboy stoops down for a closer inspection of his tiny cousin, Einstein

    It is an abomination.  Gay midget horses twaddling a grown man horse in the boondock saint ravines!  It is all sick and I could wish it was only 400 years ago, because I would take a boat to Africa and grab me some savages.  I would capture raw angry lions and make sure they were evily mean and ornery nasty hungry.

    Then I would unleash them in this homosexual playpen and laugh with delight as the little gay ponies yelped out for mercy and nayed for forgiveness, but we all know, all gay pet animals will burn in hell!  Burn!

    Oh dear readers, let us realize the beauty life.  Life is to be gentle and pure, not ravaged with the disease of homosexuality.  Scientists are trying to play fantasy land with these common house pet animals.  They want dogs, dolphins, cats and lemur sloths to have giant homosexual orgies at the zoo, where same sex of all species mix and swap devil DNA in the backsides and mouth sides.  They want kids to grow up seeing this, so when they are older and standing at the public urinal, and a stranger just hitches their pants all the way down and pound puffs them until satan drizzle emerges, they will just let them finish and then pull up their pants, like this is normal.

    Gays want everyone to just bend over and take their agenda up the backside.  They are using animals now to make their desire to be a part of society seem not terrifying and the end of the world, when in reality, they will bring extinction for us all.  Let us bless nature and put an end to these homoanimals.  If you don’t, one day you may find yourself mounted by a gay mini horse or angry bird.  And that is a squawking surprise no one should ever want.

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