• Sick Heathen Mocks Christianity With YouTube Video About Japan

    March 15, 2011 9:59 pm 42 comments
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  • Reports atheists have started putting life sized posters of her on their walls have not been exaggerated

    Youtube has been nothing more than a scourge on the Internet since its inception in 2005. Recently more proof that it is destroying our youth has surfaced in the form of a video from a woman purporting to be a Christian, claiming God destroyed Japan and is coming for the US next.

    View First Video HERE

    When the flock here at Christwire first viewed the video in our breakroom, it was nearly immediately spotted as a fake by our spry and alert intern, and host of the new radio show, Bryan Blake. “I could feel the spirit of God, and He told me He was not with her.” Bryan was quoted as saying. “Plus, her short hair just screams lesbian.”

    He also recognized the Idolater practice of ‘lent’ as being a Non-Christian Catholic doctrine.

    View the heathen confession HERE

    It turns out Bryan was right, as the heathen who went by the name of TamTamPamela outed herself a few hours later. She claims to have been repeatedly chastised by Christian members of the hacker group ‘Anonymous’, who apparently offered her family free pizza’s if she would just take down the video. The greedy codgers of course accepted.

    Her message was the same message we at Christwire delivered to our readers. Japan was being punished by God. She went farther, however, by claiming the United States was next. For the record, we here at Christwire believe Japan has seen enough and now it is time for the good Christian nations of this world to step up and help our democratic allies in the far east. We also believe that the United States was spawned by God, and therefor is His favorite nation, impervious to His wrath.

    When it was realized to be nothing more than a mockery, of course tempers flared. We believe in free speech, but should such mockery of Christian ideals be allowed in the public domain? We think not.

    Her well deserved chiding by the conservative right of the Internet was spot on in our opinion. The posting of her address so that real Christians could stop by and shake angry fists in her direction was God’s real work in this situation. What she did, the faith that she mocked, should not be allowed under any circumstances. The idea that such a thing might be funny or cause laughs is nothing less than insulting to the collective intelligence of the Christian community.

    How many more of these fakers, no doubt spawned in an attempt to mock Christwires true message of Jesus and Reagan, will pop up after this harlot got the attention she so desperately deserved? And how many of those very same Godless heathens will suffer her same fate?

    The answer, sadly, is probably many. Shame on them.

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