• Single Mothers Cause Abortion

    March 9, 2011 11:20 pm 23 comments

    A single mother

    The Bible calls premarital sex a sin. Liberal feminists call it empowering. One of these descriptions is right. The other is going to burn in hell, along with the women who propagate it.

    Abortion is a tremendous evil this great nation faces. Its roots lie in premarital sexual relations. Many young people who engage in such activities have been raised by single mothers. Are single mothers responsible for abortions?

    The shocking answer is yes.

    It is well known, and accepted as fact amongst upper class citizens, that in order for a child to be successful both parents need to be present in the home. Good Christian women get married, bear children at a respectable age, and become housewives and mothers. The more liberal a woman’s ideals, the higher chance she will engage in sex without commitment.

    The feminist movement of the sixties created an entire generation of single parent homes. Many on the fringes of society were denied father figures. Since decent congregations do not allow such debauchery to go on in their mists, the children were raised as atheists. Atheists have little morality when it comes to raising children.

    Those children are now all grown up with children of their own, out of wedlock just as their parents did. They were the people mostly responsible for electing Clinton to two terms in the nineties. Now the grandchildren of the feminist movement are reaching their early twenties, many of them on their third or forth abortion.

    And many of them are responsible for electing another democratic president, Kenyan Barack Obama.

    Abortions rates in the late nineties rose exponentially. If my model is correct, and my models are always correct, you can expect an even higher spike during Obama’s second term. Directly responsible for this will be single mothers who raised liberal children that don’t know the difference between right and wrong.

    Abortion = wrong. Premarital sex = wrong. Liberal Ideals = abortion and premarital sex. Single mothers = liberal ideals. Therefore single mothers = abortion and premarital sex = wrong.

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