• Taylor Momsen Exposes Sin with Shirtless Woman on Stage

    March 4, 2011 7:28 pm 15 comments

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    Satan loves a good lingerie rompus, so what a surprise to see exposed actress Taylor Momsen gyrating in mammalian sins with a female fan. People wonder why 43% of high school girls now dabble in the rolling hills of lesbianism. You only need to look at their little Twilight movie vampire suckle stars like Momsen here to understand why the movie is so dangerous and this new trend of milktime vampirism is a great danger.

    What happens is that, girls in high schools are sneaking into the bathrooms and then exposing their milks to one another by lifting their shirts with no braseresaries. It is all a nasty sick mix of carnality!

    Then, after the squeezes and once the milk is flowing they take a milky bite of chest sins. It is a new trend for the next installment of the Twilight move where they do lesbian milk letting. If you do not believe this, then go to your child’s room right now and ask them, “Are you team Jacob or Team Edward? If they say Team Edward, congrulations, they now will think they have to do a milk rite to stay popular. It is in the book and how the character Bella won the vampire’s heart. He exchanged blood for her milk and now they do it in high schools.

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