• Thank God Black history Month is Finally Over

    March 3, 2011 3:05 pm 60 comments

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    It’s now march and not only is black history month gone but the sun is starting to shine again, spring is on its way.
    Every year I ponder the same thing “Why do black people get to have their own history month, and white people don’t”.
    How sweet and not gay.

    There are black award shows but no white award shows
    There are African American Scholarships But no white scholarships.
    There are ethnic sections in our grocery store but no white sections.
    There are programs that support Minority owned business but not white business.

    Some places in this country have legalized affirmative action requiring Minority hires but no one is forcing all black companies to hire white males
    These attitudes are only creating discontent and are widening the perceived racism gap in America.

    A lot of white people just don’t think it’s right or fair that it’s widely considered okay for people who aren’t white to get together under the name of their race or ethnicity, but it’s not considered okay for white people to do that. For many individuals the main concern of those who complain like this seems to be that they and other white people supposedly can’t get together under the banner of whiteness without being labeled “racist”; just why any other groups would want to get together under their own banner is of no concern to them. The grumbling is often less about what “they” do and why they do it, and more about what white people “can’t” do.

    Do not get me wrong. I do not want White award shows or White scholarships or even a white history month. But I do want a world where I could have one if I wanted to and no one would call me racist.

    Ebony And Ivory
    Live Together In Perfect Harmony
    Side By Side On My Piano Keyboard
    Oh Lord Why Don’t We?

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