• The History of Lesbianism and Women Who Play Basketball

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    One of the most at risk groups of problem children are girls put on a basketball path by negligent parenting.  Every good parent should understand there is an inherent risk of lesbianism that comes with having a girl who plays basketball.    While the scientific mechanics of this phenomena have been culturally realized and remain under great scrutiny, the basal spread of basketball lesbianism seems to be a modal psychological model of inheritance.

    That is to say, this is an issue of social science.  Sociology dictates that within a tribal environment, reason tends to give way to primal urges and instinct.  Women left alone to each other for too long, and in ‘war-like’ conditions, will seek each other for solace and comfort.  As dictated by habit within the animal kingdom, among such groups ‘dominant’ aggressors will emerge.  In a world where many of the participants are strong of testosterone and suspiciously muscled arms and hair-chin growths of Y-chromosome induction, women’s basketball is a strong candidate for a modern microcosm of a segment of society fragmented and without strong males.

    As seen in women’s prisons, the locker rooms of women’s teams give way to clusters of writhing flesh and ecstatic moans, steamy showers showing glimpses of tensed legs and enthralled mammalian ludicrosities bathed under the hot steams of coital carnality.  It all ends in a fest of bacteria and corruption, where even the most pure of girls have their hearts, minds and reproductive tract corrupted by organic diseases, and even worse, a spiritual disease.

    There are people in the world who will try to deny the simple fact that lesbians are not proper, they are corrupt.  Be it from psychological trauma from abuse during childhood or even womanhood, or a genetic aspect, lesbianism and the lessening of female desire for copulating with a man is the result of divergent evolution and mental strife. 

    Social scholars speculate that trend of increasing lesbianism revealed among female basketball playing cohorts is a product of modern society.  Perhaps there is an external factor because certainly, correlation does not necessarily imply causation.   Looking at empirical evidence of photographic variety, however, does explicitly reveal a simple fact:  lesbianism and basketball are directly related.

    20th Century Basketball Lesbianism

  • 1. 1900

    In a time where Teddy Roosevelt was still trying to tame the savage nations of the world, America was still facing internal crises.  The rise of feminism was eminent.  Aggressors such as Susan Anthony and Carrie Hatchet were writing the pages of early feminism, a poisoinous ethcing they would eventually write on the heart of America. 

  • The women in these pictures are rough and without adornment.  Their faces parlor with the clammy guilt of lesbian nights and raunchy locker room romps.  With the fledgling pharmaceuticals of turn of the century America, these lesbians likely all died young of syphillis, yeasted chlamydia or another lesbian associated disease.

  • 2. 1896
  •  Look at the closeness of these women.  It may seem normal now, but from the skirts and high boots you can tell whoring was not even a liberally smiled upon profession in the year 1896.  To the far right, on the front row, it looks to be a man backside canooding the women sitting to his side.  She leans back and puts a hand on his bulging sweatshirt, which reveals he is actually a she.  This is closet lesbianism in subtle form and the proof of lesbianism is basketball only gets more apparent from here.
  • 3. 1903

     Look at those naughty, shameful expressions.  You can bet that as soon as this photo was finished, they all stripped down and one of them earned the right to put the ‘ball’ in ‘basketball’ as she played dominant position 1.

  • 4. 1915

     Notice coach Austin’s dapper moustache.  With little surveillance and publicity in those days, you would think it would be a male coach’s dream to have a locker room full of taut female athletes, body’s musky with the odor of hard game play and full court presses.   But that mousache is dapper for a reason, much the same as why these women are all wearing ascots.  1915 baskeball hotel antics were a slapper fest of lapping tongues and gyrating pelvic thrusts, with all women involved and a disinterested coach looking as if he could use a dose of Prozac.  It is not condoning wanton behavior or a coach exploiting his female team, but rather, a statement of extremes.  There is rampant lesbianism behind the banner curtain on this one:  what is the woman behind the number five peeking down at?

  • 5. 1900

     Here we see a group of nagging Agathas modelign off their basketball dress.  They could not give themselves boyish DeGeneres styled haircuts in those days, but certainly used enough pins to get the point across.  You can rest assured that all these little women wrestlers did more than just pin their hair.

  • 6. 1902
  • 7. 1902

     Breadbasket lesbianism, an old term that refers to a copulating act performed by homsexual female couples.  The details are to vile to be published in a refined journal as this, but it is very disgusting and on the far right, you can see a shadowed lesbian has a very smug, knowing look of what’s latently going on here.

  • 8. 1902

     Notice the hand placement on the far left.  A little comfortable with that hip, aren’t we Irma?  Then three from the left, it seems Irma’s hotcakes are being tested out by a stiff-browed wonder.  Another interesting but impossible study would be to see the sale of stiff phallic objects as female interest and participation increased over the last century.

  • 9. 1903

     Notice in the middle row, to the left a woman is caresing the shoulder of the woman in front of her.  You would not think much of it, but look at the smile her partner is putting out.  One has a stiff upper lip but a naughty, smug smile.  The softer female in the relationship can hardly contain her grin and excitement for when the photoshoot is over, so she can be dominated and have some lesbian shot through her net.

  • 10. 1901


  • 11. 1901


  • 12. 1901

     On the front row, a group of female basketball players laying sprawled on the floor.  On the top row, a group of lesbians laying atop them from behind.  There is no hidden message here:  this is full out lesbianism, in 1901.  Women are literally laying on top of each other, with a basketball in the foreground.  Can you imagine what’s going on today?

  • 13. 1898


  • 14. 1908

     Again, we see coach has her girls sprawl out while she leans over their backsides. 

  • 15. 1904


  • 16. 1904

     From the high collars and eerie background, we can see there may be some vampirism associated with this blend of lesbianism.  There is an unusually high incidence of rabies and bacterial infection in lesbian women, indicating that they somehow ingest blood and bite each other in their raunchy oral secretion sex acts.  It may sound sick, but so is watching a person die from rabies.  You can only guess how women time their blood pact lesbianism and it’s scary; it exists.  Research lesbian vampires on Google or Bing search, as again, the results are too disgusting to discuss in a proper journal format.  These women, I’m afraid, may be some of the first recorded lesbians who also practice vampirism.  There is no wonder that female basketball is the unifying factor.

  • 17. 1906


  • 18. 1906


  • 19. 1906


  • 20. 1907


  • 21. 1907


  • 22. 1907


  • 23. 1907


  • 24. 1908


  • 25. 1908

     These lesbians seem to be pulling up their dresses, so as to expose thigh flesh.  The coach appears to have a disorder o the ear, giving him an elf like appearance and further giving a sound understanding of why he’s so disinterested in these could-be beautiful women standing before him.  Sadly, notice how they all have rather large, powerful jaws and chins.  Take a close look.  This is due to the lesbian acts of oral fornication.  A strong chin is a strong sign of lesbianism, because the oral musculature gets a good workout.  The sternocledomastoid and masseters of these women are both very promiment.

  • 26. 1908

     Start at the very right and count four women over.  Notice how women number four is leering at woman number five, who is making some sort of hand gesture with the rest of the time (aside from the woman looking at her).  Where is this woman’s other hand?  Let’s assume it’s where the sun is not shining, so to speak, and that look is drenched in lust.  That is a lesbian eye stare in an old photo from 1908.  Share it with your friends who do not think there is a trend of lesbianism in basketball, because as see, there always has been and there always will be.

  • 27. 1910


  • 28. 1910


  • 29. 1910


  • 30. 1912


  • 31. 1910

     Holding hands, right above the basketball.  Very cute and revealing of a relationship forged in the sweaty throes of teamwork.

  • 32. 1910


  • 33. 1909


  • 34. 1909


  • 35. 1909


  • 36. 1915


  • 37. 1912


  • 38. 1916


  • 39. 1912


  • 40. 1912

  • The ancient road to lesbianism may be a dusty tunnel of exposure, but the truth grips just as tightly now as it did then.  Lesbianism is rampantly present in female basketball.

    Just as their foremothers of times ancient, female basketball players are still engaged in acts of lesbianism.  The antics go on and off the court and this day and age, are more extreme and bold in presence.

    A lifted leg and a brushed busom feeder bring a smile to number 25′s cute face.  Unfortunately, we see acts of lesbianism in this picture and have to wonder how many twinkle eyed youngters are falling into its trap, because their parents are putting them into lesbian oriented sports.

    Women are sexually weak.  It takes little prodding for them to get riled up and to forget their surroundings:  this is one reason why so many women commit adultery and cheat on their husbands, resulting in the tragic amount of divorces we see the our country each year.

    Here, a lesbian catfight rompus is quickly turned out of hand, as the dominant lesbian lets out a  roar and the passive woman assumes the come hither from behind position.  You can only guess how this would have panned out if not for the officials breaking it up.

    So far in this sociological study, we’ve gone without stating the obvious fact.  Women basketball players are not very good.  Watching the WNBA is akin to attending a child’s tennis match:  entertaining, but far from the real thing.  You have a sympathetic tie and cord, but unlike children, these full grown women have raw urges cycling through their testosterone prone bodies.

    You can see this rumble quickly gives way to a brouhaha orgie of mangled mayhem.  You can see one is so caught up in everything, she straddles the face of a player.  To the right, another is literally diving bottom face first into the busom of another.  This is a public display, just imagine when they are soaking in their hottubs with drinks after the big game.   The thoughts bring tensed horrors to the mind’s eye.

    Knowing this, the historically liberal Australian government has tried to bring a friendlier face to the typical rough edges of athletic females.   Within their premier leagues, they headline gangly supermodels with a penchant for athletics.  Number 15 is ready to show the world that female basketball players can be sleekly feminine and attractive. 

    Lauren Jackson Lauren Jackson #15 of Australia celebrates their win over New Zealnd during the women's basketball quarterfinal game on August 25, 2004 during the Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games at the Indoor Hall of the Olympic Sports Complex in Athens, Greece.

    Stretching to the adoration of fan’s and teammates, we see Australia’s lead female basketball player stretches before the world.  Though a smidge powerful in her face masculature, indicating a practice of oral lesbianism, her sleek liners and firm thighs indicate that this just may be a good and eye pleasing woman.

    But then, Australia made a mistake in clothing choices.  Is the chest proper and is there a Gaga-esque happening in the gonad region of the underpants?  Is there a secret Battle of the Bulge going on there, where tape and Hollywood magic are trying to hide a phallic truth from the public?  Just having to ask these questions reveal that even when a government makes a calculated effort to cover-up the truths of this subject, our minds can see right through the secrets and lies.

    There we have good ol’ number 15 with thigh in the air, behind the bosom of number 6.  Such a mounting would be considered an act of dominant aggression by many third world cultures and we’ll keep with their tradition and label it is such.  Even in the celebration of championship, we see Satan’s sensual whisper emerge as if it were more than sound, its swirling essence making these women drunk in the throes of wild lesbianism and groggy late night memories of hairy tongues and body sweat, a treat awaiting your daughter if you let her follow this path.

    Across the globe, other nations have tried this model of focusing on attractive female basketball players, so as to not focus on their lack of talent or the more common assumption that women sports players are rough and tumble, a tawny breed who wear boxers and dont’ like to shave their armpants.


    In Japan, the basketball players of XX variety just go ahead and add an extra X.  The Japanese understand the true value of female basketball is little more than an XXX skinshow, so just give the public what they would expect, with one exception.  The women are actually very feminine, though likely prostituting lesbians.

    Soviet Union

    From Red Russia, the modern face of basketball is surprisingly soft.  One other sign of lesbianism is a consistent habit you see from the groin licker community.  Lesbians wear childhood headbands, so as to keep the hair out of the face when they do their nasties upon each other’s bodies.  When you see a female basketball player wearing these, as here, you can see beyond the facade and tell that something foul is afoot.  As is the case, we have a veiled lesbian.

    People’s Republic of China

    China has an Olympic criminal record for cheating and not playing by the rules, so it’s no surprise to see these women are rather large even for a female athlete.  The average height of these women is 6’10″, coming out to nearly as large as the American NBA.  This flies in the face of logic, where it’s understood that Chinese and other assortments of Asians tend to have short stature.  Government tinkering is involved, just as much as number 4 cannot wait to tinker with whatever woman she’s dragging back to her layer.


    Even in the dankest areas of Europe, we see women basketball players are being dolled up to look like glamour girls.  The reality here is that they are putting sweet perfume on a sin that will burn God’s nostrils and send him into a fire throwing rage. 

    That’s the Belarus Women’s basketball team, looking like a glamour shot assortment of suspcious fashion.

    Friends, lesbianism is not a good thing.  For every one gay couple, two adults that your tax dollars went to send through school, to protect and serve are failing this country by having children.  These gay people ignore the sacrifice of millions and do not do their duty of engaging in healthy relationships and leaving society for the better.

    The world of the WNBA and NCAA Women’s brackets are the perverted Coliseum for the vulgar Roman masses of new.  They go there to soak in sights of sloppy play and sloppy kisses, all culminating in an explosive release of their inner desire to make everyone witness their lesbian acts and call it normal.

    Cornrowed or freely flowing with blonde glory, lesbianism is what it is.  A death trap for society that produced entitlement, disease, death and halt to societal progress.  Let’s beware these facts and make sure to discourage girls from entering the gap legged world of women’s basketball.

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