• The Story of Menstruation

    March 6, 2011 8:37 pm 24 comments
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  • It is very disturbing to see how many women do not understand their bodies these days.   This realization hit me again a few weeks ago, when I had several freshman students draw the anatomical regions of a nude female body.

    I am currently a TA at my university and expect a certain degree of maturity from the freshman students.  There was a major ruckus, however, when one girl failed to make a separating flap on the exposed naughty place.

    Several other of the girls sided with the student, who insisted that women do not have a containing outside part to divide the reproductive areas from the waste centers.  There was a disconnect from reality of these students, even though they likely looked upon reality each day.

    Within a woman, the pituitary gland, estrogen and other gender hormones combine to make a girl be, well, a girl.  As a girl grows, her body is prepared for reproduction.  She begins to create eggs.  She has her walls thickened so that life may implant. Her body is prepared to have a child and it is with menstruation that the cycle continues throughout a woman’s life.

    We saw the video where atheists were using improper anatomical models on nursing students, so we it is reasonable to understand why some women do not understand the true purpose of their flap.  What must be done is education to remove the misconceptions.

    Even in this Disney film from 1946, we can see women have long been deceived about the true purpose fo the separator flap.


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