• Things That Make The Ghost Of Ronald Reagan Cry

    March 2, 2011 10:19 am 9 comments

    Even dead, he still kicks commie *ss

    Celebrating Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday,  albeit a little late, I have composed a list of things that would make him cry.   Enjoy.


    Reagan spent money.   As a result,  the communists were taken down to Chinatown.   Literally.   With old Ronnie,  you were always better off than you were four years ago.   Obama has not only delivered our economy to the dump,  he has hired Mexicans to unload the truck.   His lackluster spending on defense and flat out refusal to reinstate the Star Wars program has made our nation more vulnerable than ever.


    Reagan had to deal with Soviet communists.   Compared to them,  Islam is a mere street gang.  He had them in check before he even got in office.   The fact that our nation’s Kenyan leader keeps letting them gain ground in the world is nothing more than embarrassing on a global scale.   He backs down every chance he gets.   That would not have happened in the eighties.

    The Tea Party

    I will catch hell off this one from my fellow Republicans here at Christwire.   Many of them support the Tea Party.   I say they are lucky this is not the fifties or they would be hauled off as communists and I would be forced to testify against them.   The Tea Party was created by that liberal rebel scum Ron Paul to split the GOP.   They are trying to steal Sarah Palin from us.

    Ron Reagan

    This liberal phase he is going through is heartbreaking.   His chiding of Sarah Palin was uncalled for,  but we can forgive certain transgressions if he would come to his senses and use his superior DNA to help Sarah lead the Republican party out of the Congress and into the White House.   As a VP candidate of course.   Stop making your dad cry,  Ron.

    Sarah Palin

    She makes Reagan cry, but some tears stem from joy.   In a perfect world,  Sarah would have been separated from Ron and Nancy at birth and sent to live in the wilderness,  only to return when she got older and hold the same office as her birth father.   Her politics are spot on with Reagan’s.   She could be the heir apparent to the throne.   If only we can back the Tea Party wolves off of her.

    Free Health Care

    Free health care is for communist countries,  always has been always will be.   The government cannot be allowed to control the quality of health care people get because some minority with no money can’t afford to get his own doctor.   We have a billion dollar health care industry in this country, Reagan always supported it,  and we should too.

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