• Why Are Black People STILL In Denial About Chris Brown’s Anger Issues?

    March 24, 2011 9:13 pm 24 comments
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  • Chris Brown is an angry black man.  He has anger issues.  He beat Rhianna to a pulp and got away with it.  People lined up to buy his music and swept everything under the rug.

    Really?  A man physically assaulted a woman, and there are people who want to pretend it did not happen.

    My name is Joe P. Reagan and I have one question today:  why are black people trying to pretend that Chris Brown is not a damned thug who will beat the hell out of a woman, then think he can Twitter his penis and everyone is supposed to shout “Yippee” and treat him like king shit?

    Oh, a curse word.  If a man can beat the the living crap out of a woman, for this once I think God will let me slide with cursing.  Because damn living in a world where a man can do this with a woman, then have little chicken-spined fans get angry when we call him out as a thug who should be disgraced.

    So, Chris Brown did this and if you visit TMZ.com you will find that this is the nice picture.  There are worse ones that police did not want immediately released, apparently, because of the trial and the fact that they were so gruesome. 

    Okay, so we just pretend this never happened.  Chris Brown accidently swings his fist all around one day and Rihanna just happened to be in their way.  As he lay on top of her, suffocating her and biting the flesh off her face, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Chris Brown is not a thug and shit, damn anyone who says otherwise!

    For the curse-world counting coalition, that’s two.  Two sh*ts.  I know when you go over three, all hell breaks loose and you get a reprimand and Saint Peter puts a checkmark next to your name.  But I’m on a roll here and the point will be made.

    Chris Brown, the man of innocence.  The pioneer of purity.  The repentant heart of a gentle man.  That’s what his fans wanted us to believe.  They went to message boards, made YouTube videos and rant and raved about how this was not the true Chris Brown.  Chris is not a thug.  Not Chris Brown.  Then, we have GMA.  Good Morning, America.  How does Chris celebrate his glimmering morning dew sunshine and bluebird chirping happiness?

    Oh, no.  Hulk is angry again. 

    Chris Brown appeared on Good Morning America.  The host, Robin, a black woman for those of you who keep count and think there is a white conspiracy against Brown, asked Brown some basic questions.  How is your new album?  Why did you beat Rihanna’s face?

    Brown didn’t like the second question and in between his constant licking of his lips, decided to ransack the GMA studio.  He threw  a chair threw the window, ripped off his shirt and ran down a New York street cursing.  Guilty conscience or temper tantrum? 

    These are the actions of a man who does not care about being nice.  I’ll say it again.  No good man will beat a woman like the way Brown did and give a half baked, crocodile tears apology.

    A man who beats a woman, and here is the moment I’ve been waiting for:

    Any man who beats a woman is a piece of SHIT.  He deserved to be treated as such.  We should have flushed Chris Brown to where he belongs long ago. 

    I do not wish him success. Robin, the host from GMA, backpeddled and wished this guy success.  Since when do you get to beat a woman’s face, destroy an executive studio and then get wished success in all you do.  No.

    Put an end to this crap.  Chris Brown is a thug.  Throw his sorry, tawny butt to Bubba in prison.  Let’s see him beat his face or throw a chair through solitary confinement’s windows, as he’s there nursing his newly found hemorhoids, courtesy of his bunk mates who don’t take kindly to thugs who think it is fun and games to beat a woman so badly, she has multiple facial lacerations, blunt head trauma that results in swelling, contusions and human bites. 

    Chris Brown is a bad person.  I’ve already gone over my expletive limit and I’m sure there are suits in New York looking closely, making sure I don’t violate policy anymore.  Sorry and if it gets me in trouble for breaking the policy, I think this is the one time that it is warranted.

    For all that is good and true, flush Chris Brown.  Stop buying his music.  Ignore him on TV.  Gripe at the companies who use him as coffer fodder via endorsements.  He does not deserve the limelight, not with his attitude.  “Celebrities” like this need to be defrocked of their fame, who cares about their talent.  There will always be more and this guy is not that special.  

    Black people, you have more talented guys than this and all of them would love a shot to make it big.  Stop supporting this abusive person, making you look like fools with your incessant support of him.  Abuse is big in all segments of society and there is plenty in the black community.  Want to make a stand against it?

    Stand against this abuser, Chris Brown. 

    Until next time, my friends, be well.

    =Joe P. Reagan=

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