• Why Are Blacks So Angry Part 1

    March 11, 2011 12:26 am 7 comments

    Many journalists are afraid to ask tough questions or explain volatile issues.  This article is not meant to be racist.  I love black people.  I have black friends.  A black can be just as good a Conservative Christian as a white.  However, I have noticed a lot of anger in their community.  So I investigated, and this is what I came up with.

    Rap Music

    By far the most violent genre of music, many black youth are taken in by the gangster lifestyle’s of such artists as Ke$ha, Justin Bieber, and Kanye West. While the idea of drinking ‘forty ounces’ of beer and menacing good citizens by spewing raps on the side of the street while you are waiting for the bus does not seem appealing to most, blacks genetically tend to lean towards such things. Combined with the fact that most of them do not know how to use computers, therefor are less likely to download anything illegally, the record companies decided to cash in.

    Because of the liberal ideals of most rappers, an entire generation of angry black youth have steered away from decent Christian conservative teachings to follow the likes of ‘Lil Wayne on the road to hell. A general lack of education amongst the African American communities fosters such things. Ironically, part of the liberal agenda is to cut funding from our inner city schools. Coincidence?

    I think not.


    Speaking of rap music… As we all know, Satan likes to ooze his evil clutches into lot’s of sinister soups. Moving rap music from the poorer neighborhoods to the likes of which M&M grew up in was part of his plan. This allowed artists like M&M to invade suburban homes and preach blasphemy to white children as well. His success was likely, as his conservative teachings are absolutely nil.

    When blacks see such things, foreigners invading their territory, their tendencies lead them towards violence. They begin to take their anger out on others, who may look like M&M but aren’t. They see this character he made up and realize he is only making fun of them. One can’t blame them for being angry, however the real answer is Jesus, not hate.


    Many may not have heard of this, but there is a channel gracing your local cable box entitled “Black Entertainment Television”. It is a decidedly liberal station, owned by those who funded Kenyan President Barack Obama’s campaign. It may look harmless at first, but a closer look reveals a propaganda machine that is so huge we may not be able to stop it even if we do see it coming.

    Who is to say what black people like? Who are these people who spread racism by encouraging stereotypes? Of course blacks are angry at this. I would be too if there was a ‘White Entertainment Television”. Can whites watch BET, or will they be considered as racist for such actions?

    And now for the investigative journalism that makes us so famous here at Christwire. Are there any Christian programing on BET? No. Surprised? I didn’t think so.

    Black Ministers are often greedy codgers

    Decent conservative ministries do not ask their congregations for money. They know that the Bible implies it, and if they are worth their salt, their parishioners will take the subtle hint. In black churches, a big show is made of passing around the plate. Drug dealers who bring Satan’s money into Jesus’s house are often praised while the hard working folks who have the good sense to possess a little humility get overlooked.

    Again, we can not blame them for being angry. Many blacks love Jesus as much as whites, and practice subtlety as he taught. A black minister will absolve you of your sins, and steal your right to heaven, for a few more pennies on the dollar. Many will not make it into heaven because of the scams these people run. Wouldn’t you be angry if your own community was trying to shyster you into spending eternity in hell?

    Al Sharpton

    Speaking of greedy ministers, the greediest of them all is the biggest liberal of them all. In order to make racism go away, we need to stop talking about it. People like Al Sharpton make such a thing impossible. If so much as a traffic stop occurs, he mobilizes his legion of lawyers and jumps to his own publicity. We will never be able to get over the color of a man’s skin as long as we have Al and his cronies around to remind us of it.

    If you were a black, how would you feel about someone claiming to represent your ideals without being duly elected by the community? It would make you angry. That anger, however, is often misdirected towards the white community by sneaky liberal politicians like Sharpton. The real anger should be pointed at the liberal media misrepresenting facts and attempting to use blacks as its personal army.


    Studies have proven that minorities have more of a tendency to get addicted. Knowledge that marihuana is used heavily in the black community and, pending scientific research, could also be genetic, is widespread. The effects of the drug include violence and anger. 2 + 2 = 4.

    “Whites smoke marihuana too though, right?”

    But the blacks have a different demon to deal with as well. Crack. When mixed with marihuana it can drive the user quite literally insane. A man will steal from his own mother in order to get enough to roll a cigarette for him and his buddies. The reason it was outlawed in the first place was to save minorities in our great nation from their own violent tendencies. The fact that it is so widespread leads us to the intelligent conclusion that it is doing nothing but adding racial tension to already volatile situations.

    Part 2 coming soon.

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