• Why Is Barack Obama Hating Libya’s Freedom?

    March 22, 2011 3:50 pm 10 comments
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  • Real tough, Mr. Obama, attacking a sand dune

    Our forefathers set rules in this country, no doubt with the idea in mind to someday stop a tyrant like Kenyan President Barack Obama from attacking sovereign nations without the express written consent of the Republican Congress. However, the Democratic leader seems to think he is immune to such things as our Constitution and a little thing called ‘checks and balances’.

    Without input on the subject from anyone but himself, Mr. Obama ordered airstrikes last week against a nation that did nothing to provoke us. How long before he engages us in a decade long ground war against a democratically elected government in order to do nothing but further his own economic agenda? Is this all just a smoke screen to divert the attention from his lackluster performance and the emerging GOP candidates for the upcoming election, like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin?

    Or is there something more sinister going on?

    The Kenyan leader, in recent weeks, has helped a little known terrorist group called ‘The Muslim Brotherhood’ into power in several neighboring countries. When everything didn’t go according to plan in Libya, and their government fought back against the terrorists, of course they turned to their good friend in Washington. Strange how Barack kept silent when the protesters were winning. As soon as some sort of opposition is raised by the rightful government, here he comes with the F-16′s to bail out his terrorist friends.

    Attacking a sovereign nation without provocation is against the rules laid out in the Geneva Convention. I know from the rumor mill here in Washington that a lot of Republicans on the hill are contemplating calling for a war crimes tribunal. None has done so publicly yet however, as Obama has the liberal media waiting to pounce like a hungry pack of lions on the first who makes a move. Maybe this is where our friends in the Tea Party can prove their worth?

    Someone needs to stand up to Obama’s bullying, lest soon we adopt a hammer and sickle in place of the stars and stripes and are forced to pray to our ‘great leader’ by bowing to Mecca three times a day. Maybe that someone is Donald Trump. Or maybe it’s Sarah Palin. Or Maybe it is the American People who need to step up and move forward with impeachment.

    I think there is no doubt in the heart’s of Americans that we may be driven to that soon as our only means of stopping this mad beast from trying to take over the entire world.

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