• Wife is Not Ready for the Rapture

    March 23, 2011 2:30 pm 17 comments

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    I am looking for guidance on what to do about a lacksadaisical wife who thinks I’m over the top for being “obsessed” with end times things, or threats to our country? She prefers not to talk about scenarios that we can’t change. I tried bringing up how we should create a plan and maybe prepare for if things get bad, and she doesn’t seem to be worried about it. She would rather focus on the positive, and not get all wrapped up in things we have no control over. She is a Christian, but not really in the word or following Christ per se.

    She says everyone for the last 100 years has been talking about who’s going to destroy us and it hasn’t happened yet. And that people have “always thought they were in the end times”. She thinks I’m turning into a conspiracy theorist, and just so you know, I am the furthest thing from one! The things I’m concerned about are the possibility of Iran attacking our country (emps, nukes, etc), economic collapse, Gog and Magog war, and the Rapture. The same things that very smart prophecy teachers and even our government are aware of. She pointed out that none of our friends sit and talk about these things, as if that’s a good measuring stick!

    I told her that it’s only a conspiracy theory until it happens, and that it’s not good for us to bury our head in the sand. Also, about the Rapture, someone is going to be right. I stand with Jesus!

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