• 5 Scientific Reasons Why Atheists Are Wrong

    April 10, 2011 12:45 am 217 comments

    Even Darwin regretted the lie of evolution

    If evolution were correct, and humans evolved from monkeys, then why are monkeys still around today? There is really no explanation for this, yet this heathen ideal is still taught in our schools. No doubt thanks to the agenda’s being pushed by gays and their liberal co-conspirators to destroy our youth and convert the nation to communism.

    Towards his twilight years, as he faced the prospect of burning in Hell forever for his blasphemous ways, even Charles Darwin himself admitted that he regretted sparking the lie of evolution. Atheists, however, still do not want to admit it is wrong as the only other explanation would be God.

    The big bang theory is impossible

    Something cannot come from nothing. It is a scientific impossibility. The idea that one second there wasn’t anything then there was is frankly offensive to one’s intelligence. The big bang relies on an unknown spark, kind of like the gunman on the grassy knoll theory, that mixed with chemicals and blew up into planets and suns and people and plants.

    Christians know God made the Earth and sun and stars. Then he put the people and animals and plants here. You can see it in the intelligent design of foods such as bananas and kiwis. They are made to be eaten easily by humans. If that isn’t enough scientific proof for you then you must be blind.

    There is lots of historic evidence of Jesus

    The Bible is not the only historic document that confirms the divinity of Jesus. Many scholars from the time spoke of the miracles he preformed during his travels. Often times non-believers will claim that these passages are faked. They only do this because the existence of Jesus threatens every lie they tell.

    The shroud of Turin, however, is something they can’t just shrug off. It is real physical evidence that is still around today, and has been thoroughly investigated by Christian scientists who have proven it is the actual burial shroud of the Christ. Many websites confirm this fact. It is a fact and has been proven.

    If God didn’t create the Earth, why does everything work so well?

    It can’t be coincidence that we have air to breath, water to drink, and churches to pray in. God intended it that way. If he didn’t, then why is Christianity the most popular religion in the world? Why is America, a Christian nation, the most powerful in the world? This can’t be something that just happened to occur.

    The fact that every ecosystem in the world acts in accordance with itself and survives is proof of intelligent design. If it all just happened, as evolution and the big bang seem to suggest, there would be chaos everywhere. Instead, the more we delve into scientific fields, we find order. Order that can only be provided by a benevolent creator.

    Miracles happen everyday

    Documented cases of sick people being healed through prayer happen everyday, but go unreported by the liberal atheist media. Either that, or they get mocked by hordes of Godless Internet users on sites such as YouTube or Yahoo Answers. It is sad to see such free media with such a great potential to spread the word of Jesus get used for such travesties. Covering up the truth is often what Satan’s minions do.

    Even scientific studies have confirmed the power of praying to God and Jesus for help. Atheists always cite studies, but strangely they never cite these studies. Because they only use science when it falls in their favor. To them, anything that isn’t liberal or Godless simply must not be heard. When one of their ‘theories’ is supposedly proven, they are all over it. When God’s existence is proven, they are quiet as a tick.

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