• 7 Popular Drugs in High School

    April 3, 2011 3:39 pm 5 comments

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    7 Popular Drugs in High School

    Marijuana: Oh Marijuana. The wonder drug. You know a drug is popular when your parents still smoke it. Marijuana is almost thee most popular drug in high school. Everyone either deals it or knows where to get it. Any kind you want you can get. Plus the prices are fairly cheap because of the competition between dealers! I don’t see marijuana losing any popularity soon.

    Adderall: Adderall is another one of those wonder drugs. In high school Adderall is socially accepted by every clique. It is accepted so much because it is such a versatile drug. It can be used for studying, socializing, getting high, ETC. It doesn’t have a dirty persona such as pot because it isn’t smoked or shot up. You simply take a pill.

    Alcohol: Alcohol in my opinion will always be popular in high school. Let’s face it; high school is an awkward time for kids. Alcohol is one of those drugs that helps you socialize and mingle with the other sex. It helps you open up to people. It is also the “IT” thing to do. Flavored rum and vodka is not marketed for the baby boomers. It’s directly marked towards high schoolers and college kids. Bacardi Limon, Smirnoff Watermelon, UV Red Vodka, ETC. All of them are fruity and easy to drink. That’s why they are so damn appealing to minors.

    Pain Killers: Oxycodone, Vicodin, Valium, Ultram, ETC. You tell a kid it’s a pain killer and he/she is buying it. What is more appealing than a pain killer? Makes you feel good, makes you feel drunk, helps you socialize. All that without having to chug liquor or peeing every 5 minutes. Just simply take a pill. The most popular drugs now a day are ones that are quick and easy. Pain killers are also pretty cheap and are readily available.

    Salvia: Salvia is a very unique drug that is pretty underground. Yet it is gaining popularity. What is it? It’s a very strong very potent hallucinogenic drug. In the extract form just one hit can put you in to an out of body experience. The effects come on very quickly, usually within 15-30 seconds and last for a half hour or so. The reason why it’s so popular is for the simple fact that it is LEGAL. You can go to pretty much any head shop and buy the extract.

    Cheese Heroin: While I haven’t heard of this one until recently I guess it’s already huge down south. Some reports say that users are in middle school and older. Where I live heroin or cheese heroin is not popular but, I figured I would add this to the list because honestly it’s a really dangerous drug (especially for middle schoolers). This stuff called “cheese” is pretty dangerous. It is a combination of crushed up sleeping pills and black tar heroin. Once the two are combined they are sold for as little as $2 a gram. The kids then snort the “cheese” to get high. Whenever you mix two downers together you are asking for problems. Cheese heroin has a high risk of slowing down your heart and breathing to the point where you die. So be careful.

    Cough Medicine: Robotrip anyone? Cough syrup is still pretty big at high school despite all the warnings from the media and schools. Cough medicine isn’t really a socially accepted drug though. At my school it was mainly the goth/punk kids who robotripped. Basically you buy a bottle of Robotussin and chug it. You then start to hallucinate and go on a “Robotrip”. The reason it is pretty dangerous is because there is no actual dose that you should take, so you simply guess. Sometimes people chug half the bottle, others chug the full bottle. Take too much and you get sick and can possibly die, take too little and you won’t feel anything.

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