• A Closer Look At The Easter Bunny Reveals Homogay Agenda

    April 24, 2011 12:43 am 25 comments

    Is the homogay agenda trying to ruin Christianity’s most sacred holiday? Is the image of the Easter Bunny nothing but a tool for fur-wearing molesters to get close to your kids? Do gays play ‘hide the Easter Egg’ in a much different fashion than you and I were accustomed to as kids?

    The shocking answer to these questions and more is YES!

    We all know this is the day Jesus disappeared from his tomb, proving he was resurrected and therefor is the son of God. This is documented by the Bible as well as historians and recognized by the United States Government as the reason for Easter celebrations. The notion of an Easter Bunny has only been around the US since the 18th century. Jesus has been here since long before that.

    Another one of Satan's minions floored!

    The Easter Bunny is a sinful creation and the Bible warns us about worshiping false idols. Still, many people will go home from church this Easter and feed right into Satan’s ultimate plan by giving their children chocolate easter eggs, and unknowingly expose them to gay culture.

    This is 3 ball gay!

    Since there is no single image attributed to the Easter Bunny, I found the above on Wikipedia. Some seriously gay stuff is going on here with the light blue and pink homo-colored eggs. These are fine for little girls but when you force young boys to look for pink balls in tall grass they grow up to be gay.

    This one, however, is only 2ball gay

    I found this one on istock, as it is so clearly watermarked assuming I would be dishonest and not give credit. This rabbit is naked holding two balls. In some circles of sick anime freaks this stuff can be considered pornography. Shame on istock for even carrying it. There should be rules against this stuff to keep the Internet free for you and I to peruse in a peaceful Christian fashion… istock was not responding to inquiry emails as of press time.

    Clever, but the lack of mention of the homogay agenda makes me think this is liberal propaganda

    In the end, the only real way to celebrate Easter is with Jesus. Anything else is homogay.

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