• Alex Jones is A Commie Sympathizer, Probably Works For The Chinese

    April 1, 2011 7:30 pm 8 comments

    He thinks he is slick, but if you look close, you can tell he is wearing a toupee

    There is little doubt the Chinese are employing spies all over our great nation. The real question is how far have they infiltrated? We already know communism has reached the level of the highest office in our land, but could it also have invaded conservative talk media?

    Or ‘so-called’ conservative talk media…

    Alex Jones has made his living claiming to be a ‘Libertarian’, which is what extreme right wing conservatives call themselves when the Republican party will no longer accept them. The Chinese, knowing this, have used it to their advantage. Not only do they push communism through their people in the liberal media, they have also strategically placed agents in organizations such as the Tea Party and even YouTube.

    Could Alex Jones be one of them? The answer may astound you.

    The Chinese are slick characters. They know the best way to cover up for communist activities is to preach outrageous sermons while subliminally working to undermine ideals such as freedom and justice. The prefect spy would be someone who wasn’t quite taken seriously by decent folks but had access to certain sections of the conservative public.

    Enter Alex Jones.

    “What a bunch of garbage; liberal, democrat, conservative, republican. It’s all there to control you! Two sides of the same coin. Two management teams bidding for control, the CEO job of Slavery, Incorporated! The truth is out there in front of you, but they lay out this buffet of lies. I’m sick of it, and I’m not going to take a bite out of it, do you got me?”

    Yes, Mr Jones. We got you. You hate our system of democracy. What you call ‘garbage’ we call freedom. However, let’s give you the benefit of the doubt. In your perfect world corporations would be banned. That means the government would have to control commerce. But not the Republicans, or even the Democrats. Someone else would run the government. Who, Mr. Jones?

    Asian communists indeed….

    “We have got to realize that we’re being conditioned on a mass scale. Start challenging this corporate slave state.”

    “Corporate slave state” is what the Chinese call democracy. It was a term coined by the old Soviet Union. Alex Jones is using it as a call to overthrow the United States government. This man has committed treason, and by all rights should be imprisoned as a traitor and terrorist. Had General George Washington been around to witness such an outrage shots would have been fired for freedom and justice and Mr. Jones would be nothing more than a bad memory of a short lived small town radio show.


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