• Another Night at Black Neighborhood IHOP

    April 29, 2011 5:31 pm 5 comments
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    Tiernan Kincaid


    As I searched YouTube today, I again saw the video of the beautiful young woman being attacked by McDonalds.  I sent angry emails to the ‘honorable” Reverend Al Sharpton and asked him why he thinks it is ‘honorable’ to not demand those little mean black girls who committed violence be brought to justice.

    If they had been white boys or even young women, Al Sharpton would have called for their heads.  Don Imus can’t even call some girls picknanny nappies without a media backlash by the liberal media, but the plot reverses where is all the cries?  Why are the little chocolate morsels being treated like Godivas instead of dirty Whilmers?

    That aside, more shocking black restaurant violence!


    Notice the loud ones are a mix of blacks and Mexicans.  It matters not the side of the law, genetics always wins.  There is a minority fist fight and you can see the table of fraternity brothers in the background, likely in the hood for a volunteer night, get lured into the mix.  Being gentlemen and civilized, they polititely decline and continue to eat their meal, discussing politics and the relevant events of the world.  But look who is figthing.

    There used to be laws to prevent such things, back in the 1960s.  You would never have this tribal violence before Lyndon B. Johnson violated state rights and dared threatened a beautifully Christian man named Governor George Wallace, who warned this is what would happen if too many flavors of skins were mixed in the chicken bucket.  Colonel Washington’s recipe for America has been destroyed, my good friends, and this is just more of the proof.

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